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Todays Mish-mash

Reddit CEO Ellen Pao must be the most unpopular CEO in America today. Her own base of Regular Reddit users/readers/contributors; despises her and is actively seeking her exit from the position and the company. Difficult to see how she survives … Continue reading

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Great News, Sherman’s March is over

Great News, Sherman’s March is over I feel bad writing a column celebrating the end of someone’s political career, but in this case, you the faithful five, need this data. Wendy Sherman isn’t just a diplomat, she’s the THE diplomat … Continue reading

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The Jewish State

The Jewish State From a Newsmax piece quoting the New York Times: The president’s about-face can be attributed to concerns by some senior members of the administration that the “public feuding … had become excessive and unseemly, threatening to undermine … Continue reading

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Iranian Reality

From the Jerusalem Post “The smiles that accompanied the announcement Thursday of parameters for an Iranian nuclear agreement in Lausanne between the world powers and Iran are detached from reality, International Relations Minister Yuval Steinitz said in Jerusalem’s initial reaction … Continue reading

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Good Morning America!

by Karl Spain At 11:00 AM Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address Congress. Here’s a scorecard so you keep track of what’s propaganda and what’s truth. President Barack Obama and Netanyahu disagree on many: things, all of which you should … Continue reading

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A Real Tel Aviv Tragedy

By Karl Spain In some of my blogs I do fake phones calls with the President, usually to lighten up a dark subject because my blog is heavy and not about pink-horses or unicorns but which brutal ex-dictator from a … Continue reading

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