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Russia is preparing for more war, wake up Obama

It’s hard to write my blog as I watch the news from around the world, because part of me wants to say “Things aren’t really that bad, the world has seen worse and survived.” But, I can also see hundreds … Continue reading

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The Jewish State

The Jewish State From a Newsmax piece quoting the New York Times: The president’s about-face can be attributed to concerns by some senior members of the administration that the “public feuding … had become excessive and unseemly, threatening to undermine … Continue reading

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Iranian Reality

From the Jerusalem Post “The smiles that accompanied the announcement Thursday of parameters for an Iranian nuclear agreement in Lausanne between the world powers and Iran are detached from reality, International Relations Minister Yuval Steinitz said in Jerusalem’s initial reaction … Continue reading

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No Nukes for Nuts

The Iranian nuclear arms deal is a bad deal. It will result in Iran getting a nuclear bomb and President Obama needs to kill this entire idea and then do everything in his power with financial sanctions, air power (Syrian … Continue reading

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Yemen to Divide

From a blog piece I wrote a little while ago predicting first civil war and then division of Yemen. But first, this tidbit from Yahoo news: “THE UN SPECIAL ENVOY for Yemen warns an emergency meeting of the UN Security … Continue reading

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Not that Georgia, the other Georgia!

The country of Georgia is a mess, even more so than the crazy way they spell everything. Putin has already conquered half of it and is trying to intimidate the other half into becoming Russian – but has met some … Continue reading

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Strange news from strange places…

  I’m a newsman. I love the news. And sometimes you get the most interesting news from the strangest places, not the commercial news sources. Here’s a great tidbit from the Fresh Food web site, a Russian Whole Foods type … Continue reading

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I’m Sad For Russia

In a thousand ways, large and small, everyday I see the damage wrought by Putin’s disastrous decision to go into Ukraine and the long-range implications on the Russian economy and it makes me very sad. Of course, I’m an American, … Continue reading

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Hitler gave a speech JUST like this…

by Karl Spain Almost word for word, except Hitler didn’t have nukes. From Fox News: “Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that he was ready to put his country’s nuclear forces on alert to secure the annexation of the Crimean … Continue reading

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More remarkably GOOD news

by Karl Spain If you read this blog, you know, I seem to focus on the unpopular news that nobody else likes but I think is important. If you read this blog you also know I have been calling for … Continue reading

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