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Obama loves his country, but she doesn’t

by Karl Spain  The former Mayor of New York made headlines this week when he accused the President of not loving his own country. Naturally this caused quite a stir, and some others have joined in. Unfortunately for the president, … Continue reading

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The Senator and The General

by Karl Spain Democratic Senator Jim Kaine and U.S. Army General John Campbell. Remember those names in the coming weeks and watch them closely because they are preparing to be American heroes. Our General fighting ISIL in Afghanistan, General John … Continue reading

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Ms. Lee and Mass Hysteria

by Karl Spain Her comes Barbara Lee, a California Democrat so liberal she worked with the black panthers, voted against the authorization of force after 9-11 (the only Congress person to do so) and generally has been opposed to every … Continue reading

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Merkel vs. Obama, or Good cop, Bad cop

It’s an interesting morning. German chancellor Angela Merkel has talked Obama into holding off on sending defensive weapons to the Ukrainian army fighting the Russian invasion in eastern Ukraine. I characterize it this way as opposed to the way the … Continue reading

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Obama asks for declaration of war

Not his actual remarks, just what he should have said. I come before you the American people tonight, after 6 years in office as your president to ask for a declaration of war. Let me begin by saying The American … Continue reading

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Capitalist, Imperialist, Christian U.S. of A. is the world’s only hope at the moment

by Karl Spain I warned my blog followers that things were moving fast in the world recently and this week was no exception. I’m very opinionated this week, so hold on. Russian backed separatists in Ukraine intensified their attacks and … Continue reading

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World War always starts in Poland

By Karl Spain The Swiss central bank’s decision to let the Swiss Franc appreciate is going to land like an atom bomb on the Polish economy — if the figure out there in the economic press attributing 40% of the … Continue reading

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Why will the stock market crash?

by Karl Spain  The market is a reflection of basic economic activity in the United States, and even though it’s daily performance often has nothing to do with the talked about events of the day, the underlying algorithms that drive … Continue reading

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A glorious opportunity is opening, if Obama will just seize it

  “Those who don’t know history, are doomed to repeat it”             –Edmund Burke   The President’s commitment to get out of Afghanistan is a huge mistake. The ISIL beheading war, the fracturing of Iraq, the power vacuum in that … Continue reading

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The American people are not a war like people.

The American people dislike war, don’t easily tolerate American involvement in war and generally punish Presidents who either engage in conflicts and/or expand them. Think of Lyndon Johnson, George Bush, even Franklin Roosevelt, who simply couldn’t get America off the … Continue reading

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