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The big Clinton and Obama deceit

The big Clinton and Obama deceit. According to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, in a long stream of speeches, press releases and policy papers leading up to and then after the election — the problem with U.S. foreign relations under … Continue reading

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Not that Georgia, the other Georgia!

The country of Georgia is a mess, even more so than the crazy way they spell everything. Putin has already conquered half of it and is trying to intimidate the other half into becoming Russian – but has met some … Continue reading

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I’m Sad For Russia

In a thousand ways, large and small, everyday I see the damage wrought by Putin’s disastrous decision to go into Ukraine and the long-range implications on the Russian economy and it makes me very sad. Of course, I’m an American, … Continue reading

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Hitler gave a speech JUST like this…

by Karl Spain Almost word for word, except Hitler didn’t have nukes. From Fox News: “Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that he was ready to put his country’s nuclear forces on alert to secure the annexation of the Crimean … Continue reading

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Putin’s Real Intentions

By Karl Spain After the Pope denounced something barbaric Stalin had done, his advisors asked him if he was worried and Stalin asked “How many divisions does he have?” Upon hearing the answer was zero; Stalin shrugged it off — … Continue reading

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How Germany Won WWIII

By Karl Spain Sounds strange, does it not? It happened though, and it’s over! Here’s a quick recap for those of you who may have missed a very momentous last few months. Early 2014 – Russian president Vladimir Putin is … Continue reading

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The Delicate Balance

The German people under Adolf Hitler were not the war happy, death-loving machine with skulls emblazoned on their foreheads – Hollywood would have us believe – at the outset of the war anyway. Public approval matters, even to despots and … Continue reading

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