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Obama pushes away the Jewish vote in the Democratic Party

That is what this Iranian deal, stripped down, is. It’s the fulcrum by which a sitting president, (Obama) did hereby eject one of the most loyal voting blocks, from his own party, permanently. Don’t believe me? Here’s a little tidbit … Continue reading

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Why I Think President Maduro of Venezuela is Finished

by Karl Spain 1. Obama’s mad at him. This is a big point, it’s never smart to get a sitting President of the United States angry at you and Obama is very slow to boil, he’s giving an Ayatollah 2 … Continue reading

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Greece to leave EU

by Karl Spain When I predict things I like to take into account two very different types of variables. The first is the mathematical backdrop. This is like the background in a painting, it’s not what you’re looking at but … Continue reading

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This is Just for Old Newspapermen and Women, or, it’s 1984 again

I’m rarely at a loss for words. I’ve typed millions of them. And it terrifies me that I am unable to express my full horror, dread, an emptiness inside really, at what I see happening in this country. I was … Continue reading

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Karl’s List of 9 things we Need to do to Save America.

Karl’s List of 9 Ideas to Save America by Karl Spain I suggest some type of viral campaign, centered on the following charter points to make America better. This is a concrete plan, not a poll driven lecture that changes … Continue reading

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Criminality vs. Civil Disobedience; Snowden should surrender

Criminality vs. Civil Disobedience; Snowden should surrender By Karl Spain Since it is a well-established crime to disclose information obtained from the government; after signing an oath of confidentiality, Edward Snowden is a self-admitted criminal. There is a loophole however, … Continue reading

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Please Mr. President…reconsider

By Karl Spain President Obama has this Egyptian crisis, constitutionally upside down. His call to the now deposed Egyptian president Morsi, reassuring him that the U.S. supported him because he was “legitimately” elected, and his subsequent call for a review … Continue reading

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What an Egpytian General Sees

President Obama’s Egyptian Opportunity Despite considerable reporting to the contrary, negativity never solved a single problem. Egypt’s a mess, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It’s also a huge opportunity, maybe the biggest opportunity for the U.S. … Continue reading

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The Thousand Year Thaw

By Karl Spain Once again, the people of Egypt have defied the world’s expectations and done something courageous, beautiful and wholly democratic. They’ve taken to the streets, literally by the millions and demanded a government that truly represents them. And … Continue reading

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