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No Nukes for Nuts

The Iranian nuclear arms deal is a bad deal. It will result in Iran getting a nuclear bomb and President Obama needs to kill this entire idea and then do everything in his power with financial sanctions, air power (Syrian … Continue reading

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The Washington Post Collapse is Complete

By Karl Spain Former president and publisher of The Journal Newspapers “Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.” Thomas Jefferson In the 1980’s, while at a public park in Montgomery … Continue reading

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More Good News

According to a McClatchy news story yesterday, the Federal government is cracking down on, monitoring, arresting and prosecuting people, for teaching other people, how to beat a lie detector test. They didn’t actually charge them with that exact thing, since … Continue reading

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This is Just for Old Newspapermen and Women, or, it’s 1984 again

I’m rarely at a loss for words. I’ve typed millions of them. And it terrifies me that I am unable to express my full horror, dread, an emptiness inside really, at what I see happening in this country. I was … Continue reading

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Criminality vs. Civil Disobedience; Snowden should surrender

Criminality vs. Civil Disobedience; Snowden should surrender By Karl Spain Since it is a well-established crime to disclose information obtained from the government; after signing an oath of confidentiality, Edward Snowden is a self-admitted criminal. There is a loophole however, … Continue reading

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We Haven’t Heard The Worst

By Karl Spain I predict the American people have not heard the worst about the government’s spying program. We know: they were gathering meta-data on all Verizon calls, domestically and internationally. Based upon admissions by telephone executives and the government … Continue reading

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