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Obama gets a break, paging Dr. Heitkamp

Obama gets a break, paging Dr. Heitkamp I know it’s not polite to cheer at another’s misfortune but John Kerry as Secretary of State at this time in history scares me. He took a fall, broke a leg, needs convalescence, … Continue reading

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Iranian Prisoners

Iran is holding (for trial and execution) some prisoners including an American citizen who is also a Washington Post journalist. From the Guardian about todays events in Switzerland:  “As we do every time we meet, we will continue to call … Continue reading

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Iranian Reality

From the Jerusalem Post “The smiles that accompanied the announcement Thursday of parameters for an Iranian nuclear agreement in Lausanne between the world powers and Iran are detached from reality, International Relations Minister Yuval Steinitz said in Jerusalem’s initial reaction … Continue reading

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The Kerry Crisis Hits Critical

During every presidency the president has to make hard choices concerning personnel and he’s in that bind now. His Secretary of State is leading the country and the world toward war in three of four areas simultaneously and considering I’m … Continue reading

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Kerry Must Resign, II

The liberal loony left hates WaPo columnist Jennifer Rubin like they hate Bush, it’s irrational but there it is. She’s brilliant of course and is frequently first with an important idea because she is so courageous. All of this distinguishes … Continue reading

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Kerry Should Go

by Karl Spain John Kerry is a loose cannon and loose cannon sink ships (or can cause war in Kerry’s case). From Reuters: “The top US diplomat made headlines by saying negotiations with Assad’s regime were necessary to end the … Continue reading

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Good Morning America!

by Karl Spain At 11:00 AM Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address Congress. Here’s a scorecard so you keep track of what’s propaganda and what’s truth. President Barack Obama and Netanyahu disagree on many: things, all of which you should … Continue reading

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John Kerry needs to resign; it’s become Black and White

by Karl Spain Today the secretary of state John Kerry testified before Congress and accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israeli of exhibiting poor judgment; as if he were mentally imbalanced, because Bibi supported the Bush war effort in Iraq. … Continue reading

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Capitalist, Imperialist, Christian U.S. of A. is the world’s only hope at the moment

by Karl Spain I warned my blog followers that things were moving fast in the world recently and this week was no exception. I’m very opinionated this week, so hold on. Russian backed separatists in Ukraine intensified their attacks and … Continue reading

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