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I like Robert Reich; he just doesn’t understand the Washington Post

Having been in the public eye for a long time and having served several president’s, I’ve had a chance to watch and listen to Robert Reich many times and although he’s so liberal it really isn’t funny, I always find … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton’s Bullshit

Former President Bill Clinton on Friday defending Hillary to CNN — “I have never seen so much expended on so little,” the former president said in an interview aired Sunday on CNN. “The other party doesn’t want to run against … Continue reading

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Russia is preparing for more war, wake up Obama

It’s hard to write my blog as I watch the news from around the world, because part of me wants to say “Things aren’t really that bad, the world has seen worse and survived.” But, I can also see hundreds … Continue reading

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Wasserman Shultz gets shouted down for Hillary

Today, while the rest of us worked around the house or caught up on reading, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, one of the greatest apologists of the twenty-first century for Obama, Hillary and the Democratic Party, is getting SHOUTED down, verbally crucified, … Continue reading

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The Democrats need a new candidate

Hillary is unelectable and so is Sanders in the general, leaving the Democrats in a tight spot if Joe Biden does not get in, which is why I think he will. But the great Joe Biden has age, his son’s … Continue reading

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Hillary Completely Collapses

Hillary – “This is about my record, about women’s rights and a time for female leadership,” 2 months after cratering in the polls: Hillary – “I’ve thought about having Bill on the ticket.” Hillary to her staff – “Put Bill … Continue reading

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Who will leave Hillary first?

Any day now a major Democratic operative at the top of the Clinton campaign will jump ship and it might even be two. Crumbling numbers, mathematical impossibilities, answers so clearly scripted it’s like a Stepford wife has replaced Hillary, smiles … Continue reading

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Hillary collapses, Sanders surges

In April of this year, on this blog, I declared Hillary’s candidacy dead in the water. Considering her lead in the polls at that time I got a lot of heat from the Dems here in Montgomery County, who by … Continue reading

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Hillary Plunging in Polls

As the faithful 5 are aware, I’ve thought Hillary was finished before this race began. The fact that it’s Bernie Sanders, a socialist, who is taking her to the cleaners is important, an indicator of how weak she really is. … Continue reading

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Hillary spins disastrously

In case you were wondering whether the Iran deal is a good one and whether it will help prevent Iran from either building a nuclear bomb or continuing to terrorize their part of the world, here is Obama’s former Secretary … Continue reading

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