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I’ve fallen in love with Rome

I’ve fallen in love with Rome… The $64,000 question for economists, politicians and business leaders is all the same one; how to create high real gdp growth (5%+) without excessive debt, excessive environmental damage and/or war. The following theory is … Continue reading

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Gus Bauman is right, part II

TO MY BLOG READERS — I tried to put a picture of the Legion bridge with a lot of traffic here and instead got this fertility graph (I’m also studying female fertility) which I CANNOT REMOVE, I’m sorry, especially to … Continue reading

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I was wrong about Gus Bauman…

Mea Culpa Thirty years ago when Montgomery County was booming and bustling I was a young know-it-all newspaper guy that loudly used the newspaper to fight for up-county citizens and their concerns. One of those people I beat up pretty … Continue reading

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