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He’s a Turkey

UPDATE: this is a little satire piece I wrote originally on January 17th, in which I theorized that Erdogan was “crazy” like a fox, and that his recent shift to the right was designed to smoke out or separate his … Continue reading

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Viva La France! Viva La Kurdistan!! Viva La America?

Or, What exactly is a refugee? If a person or family fleeing; murder, forced religious conversion, and additional violations of every existing civil and human right is a refugee, than the Christians fleeing the ISIS use of slaughter, rape and … Continue reading

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This is Just for Old Newspapermen and Women, or, it’s 1984 again

I’m rarely at a loss for words. I’ve typed millions of them. And it terrifies me that I am unable to express my full horror, dread, an emptiness inside really, at what I see happening in this country. I was … Continue reading

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Criminality vs. Civil Disobedience; Snowden should surrender

Criminality vs. Civil Disobedience; Snowden should surrender By Karl Spain Since it is a well-established crime to disclose information obtained from the government; after signing an oath of confidentiality, Edward Snowden is a self-admitted criminal. There is a loophole however, … Continue reading

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We Haven’t Heard The Worst

By Karl Spain I predict the American people have not heard the worst about the government’s spying program. We know: they were gathering meta-data on all Verizon calls, domestically and internationally. Based upon admissions by telephone executives and the government … Continue reading

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