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I’ve fallen in love with Rome

I’ve fallen in love with Rome… The $64,000 question for economists, politicians and business leaders is all the same one; how to create high real gdp growth (5%+) without excessive debt, excessive environmental damage and/or war. The following theory is … Continue reading

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Not that Georgia, the other Georgia!

The country of Georgia is a mess, even more so than the crazy way they spell everything. Putin has already conquered half of it and is trying to intimidate the other half into becoming Russian – but has met some … Continue reading

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Why I Think President Maduro of Venezuela is Finished

by Karl Spain 1. Obama’s mad at him. This is a big point, it’s never smart to get a sitting President of the United States angry at you and Obama is very slow to boil, he’s giving an Ayatollah 2 … Continue reading

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Global commodities under pressure

Global commodities under pressure. CLICK HERE This is an amazing look at whats happening to commodities pricing worldwide, sounds boring, but very important.

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Greece to leave EU

by Karl Spain When I predict things I like to take into account two very different types of variables. The first is the mathematical backdrop. This is like the background in a painting, it’s not what you’re looking at but … Continue reading

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I Imitate President Herbert Hoover

So people ask me, they say, Karl, you’re a smart guy (not really), what’s with the exploding stock market and all this financial doomsday press, are we headed for 1929 or not? This explanation reduces a lot of complex stuff … Continue reading

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Capitalist, Imperialist, Christian U.S. of A. is the world’s only hope at the moment

by Karl Spain I warned my blog followers that things were moving fast in the world recently and this week was no exception. I’m very opinionated this week, so hold on. Russian backed separatists in Ukraine intensified their attacks and … Continue reading

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Why will the stock market crash?

by Karl Spain  The market is a reflection of basic economic activity in the United States, and even though it’s daily performance often has nothing to do with the talked about events of the day, the underlying algorithms that drive … Continue reading

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What must it have been like to live through the 1920’s and 30’s?

What must it have been like to live through the 1920’s and 30’s? Very dark clouds are gathering. Step outside and you can feel a cold wind blowing, even though it’s summer. I’m not a coward, but I’m afraid. The … Continue reading

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Taxes are the next big factor hurting Entrepreneurship

“If corporate profits are at an all-time high, why are corporate taxes near a 60-year low?” The Atlantic, Derek Thompson, May, 2013 Right now, if you start a business here in Maryland, a small business, like a gas station, you … Continue reading

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