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What a week for the Constitution!

Followers of the blog, my faithful five, know I’m a stickler for the Constitution, seeing it rightfully as a great document, one literally for the ages, the living and beating heart – of a powerful but flexible compact between the … Continue reading

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Our Shiny Constitutional Coin

I’m guilty of thinking I know what’s right for the country — way too often. Although I’ve respected our Constitutional Democracy all my cognitive life, I never really understood it – until I realized what I think is good for … Continue reading

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President answers Putin –Exclusive!!

Good day my fellow Americans, Russian President Vladimir Putin has put into words, for readers of the New York Times, an Op-Ed piece, which made many great points about the Syrian conflict. While reading it, one part struck me as … Continue reading

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The World’s Most Powerful Current

There is a powerful current running beneath the surface out in the rest of the world and the U.S. risks it’s position as the leader of the free world if we don’t recognize this emerging current and its future importance … Continue reading

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