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The big Clinton and Obama deceit

The big Clinton and Obama deceit. According to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, in a long stream of speeches, press releases and policy papers leading up to and then after the election — the problem with U.S. foreign relations under … Continue reading

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Obama is a Christian and courageous man

  By Karl Spain How do I know these two things you ask? And why is it relevant? Those are important questions so I will answer them first. Am I able to divine these two pieces of very personal information … Continue reading

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Obama’s Intellectual Arrogance Bets on the Mullahs

The president is a more audacious gambler than I am. I consider the mullah Ayatollah Khamenei the long shot of the century making this deal with Iran an exact duplicate of the Munich deal Chamberlain paved the road to WWII … Continue reading

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Obama Gets Demoted

The American people loathe and mistrust Congress inherently and yet by a 2/3rd’s majority across all party and demographic lines — they trust only Congress to approve this deal. Continue reading

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President answers Putin –Exclusive!!

Good day my fellow Americans, Russian President Vladimir Putin has put into words, for readers of the New York Times, an Op-Ed piece, which made many great points about the Syrian conflict. While reading it, one part struck me as … Continue reading

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Better Poor than Wealthy and Great

I was talking with an old friend of mine recently, someone I thought I knew well. She’s a dyed in the wool Liberal, works on the Hill, the whole package. We were talking about recent events and how things are … Continue reading

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