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Russia is preparing for more war, wake up Obama

It’s hard to write my blog as I watch the news from around the world, because part of me wants to say “Things aren’t really that bad, the world has seen worse and survived.” But, I can also see hundreds … Continue reading

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Move over Chamberlain, here comes Obama

A reporter named Ami recently went on the street in Manhattan asking people if they support the Iranian deal and not surprising (it’s a liberal area) the over whelming response was positive. Then he posed a series of questions (all … Continue reading

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Javad Zarif, a modern day Goebbels

Wake up America! Wake up Jewish community! The first excerpt below is from AP and it is a word for word account of what is going on, namely that the president has agreed to a Congressional approval format of his … Continue reading

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The Jewish State

The Jewish State From a Newsmax piece quoting the New York Times: The president’s about-face can be attributed to concerns by some senior members of the administration that the “public feuding … had become excessive and unseemly, threatening to undermine … Continue reading

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Obama is a Christian and courageous man

  By Karl Spain How do I know these two things you ask? And why is it relevant? Those are important questions so I will answer them first. Am I able to divine these two pieces of very personal information … Continue reading

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Obama’s Intellectual Arrogance Bets on the Mullahs

The president is a more audacious gambler than I am. I consider the mullah Ayatollah Khamenei the long shot of the century making this deal with Iran an exact duplicate of the Munich deal Chamberlain paved the road to WWII … Continue reading

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Putin Is Eyeballing the Baltics, Hitler style

From the Times of London, about a meeting between Russian and NATO generals, just last month! “Most notably, the paper reported that Russian representatives threatened a “spectrum of responses from nuclear to non-military” to NATO troop movements in the Baltics. … Continue reading

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The Delicate Balance

The German people under Adolf Hitler were not the war happy, death-loving machine with skulls emblazoned on their foreheads – Hollywood would have us believe – at the outset of the war anyway. Public approval matters, even to despots and … Continue reading

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What Putin Daydreams About…

From 78 years ago, as the Rhineland, was invaded by German troops in the invasion that marked the start of World War II. “Men of the German Reichstag!” Hitler began. “France has replied to the repeated friendly offers and peaceful … Continue reading

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