Hillary violated Hatch Act

Hillary violated Hatch Act

This story from Fox News is not a surprise.

If this was the only law she violated I would be happy. But it wasn’t. She was and is at the heart of a criminal conspiracy she got her Party deeply intertwined in.

Here is the Fox piece:

Fox — The U.S. Postal Service violated federal law by letting employees do union-funded work for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and other Democratic candidates while on leave from the agency, according to an Office of Special Counsel report obtained by Fox News.

The OSC determined the USPS “engaged in systemic violations” of the Hatch Act, a federal law that limits certain political activities of federal employees.
The investigation was launched months ago after Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman Ron Johnson, R-Wis., brought constituent complaints to the OSC in October.

The constituent, identified as a USPS employee, was concerned the Postal Service “incurred unnecessary overtime costs” and “improperly coordinated” with the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) when it released members for several weeks of “union official” leave without pay to participate in campaign work.

“The Labor 2016 program sought to ‘elect Hillary Clinton and pro-worker candidates across the country,’” the report said, citing campaign work like door-to-door canvassing, phone banks and other get-out-the-vote efforts.

According to the report, roughly 97 NALC members requested the leave without pay to participate. The NALC, which endorsed Clinton last June, compensated those USPS workers using the Letter Carrier Political Fund, the union’s PAC.

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The Secret Problem in the Middle East


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BIG News from China

BIG News from China

We live in a bizarre news bubble here in the United States right now. Our network news and most of the newspapers are locked in an ideological alliance with a single political party, the Democrats — which created a number of constitutional and electioneering scandals to be under reported — and anything resembling a wart on the Republicans to be over reported – for years on end now.

This repression of information, and distortion of data, even spawned an entire conservative/alternative news channel (Fox) and several radio empires, as well as multiple alternative“Print”venues such as Breitbart, Drudge, etc. The mainstream media went Left, so the Right went alternative. This isn’t fascism, it’s math.

One of the big side effects of all this distortion, and the Internet — was the collapse of newspapers, and of the regular news cycle. Big things can and do happen all over the world now, that receive little notice here at home in the mainstream media, sometimes none, and little critical analysis, mostly none – and most of that analysis, when it does occur, is colored pink, as if the authors all read from the same script, the Democratic party narrative.

If you read any analysis of the article below, it will present this in the framework of the Trump/Xi relationship issue, NK, trade, blah, blah, blah.

That will be a lie told to you by journalists no longer doing their jobs.

This small sounding story below, which will not receive the attention it deserves by our press, and therefore our government, our people, or the rest of the world — is one of the most important to come out of China in years.

Let’s go through it together!

BEIJING (AFP) – Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for an increase in imports and fewer restrictions for foreign investors as Beijing comes under pressure from the US and Europe to provide a more level playing field for companies in the country. Donald Trump has railed against China’s massive trade surplus while the European Union and US companies have complained about a lack of access to the huge market.

On it’s face, this lede is a major statement. Does the communist Xi, currently still purging and arresting opposition (within the CCP) as I write this sentence; really want an “increase in imports and fewer restrictions for foreign investors”? I think he wants some of that, and he knows he needs to say he wants all of it, but the real question is, does he understand what that also means he must accept? I don’t think so. He sees these two reforms as critical to stopping capital flight, something he knows now he cannot control, only encourage or discourage. But imports and capital investments create exposure to western influences the CCP almost universally opposes.

Xi is in a push me, pull me. If he does what he says he will here, he will get fast growth, a consumer economy, and a powerful China. But there will be a second political party, an alternative to the communists, a “B” party if you will.

If Xi stifles this movement, which has existed for decades now, he will not get the rate of growth he wants, and the SOE’s will overwhelm him. This change must be genuine to work, lip service doesn’t move the needle in economics.
Here is Xi again:

Speaking to a Communist Party committee on financial and economic affairs, Xi called for “expanding imports while stabilising exports”, state-run media reported on Tuesday.

China’s leaders trying to transform the economy from a reliance on exports and state investment to one driven by domestic demand, though that has led to a slowdown in growth to 26-year lows.

Xi also said “an open economy” with fewer restrictions to foreign access will serve to “promote balance of payment under the current account”, according to the China Daily.

Interesting reference to his CA balance. Does Xi, a communist, really understand the mystical CA balance formula, one of the secret sauce formula’s only economists specializing in capitalistic trade algorithms really comprehend? If he does, he’s no commie, that’s a front for power. I have suspected for years, after Deng’s reforms, that the elite in China, having been educated abroad, fundamentally understand the superiority of Capitalism as an economic system and not only approve of it theoretically, they use it their in their business and personal lives.

In particular, Capitalism crushes Communism, in every demographic ever tried, by about 2 to 1 on a gdp/pp basis. The same population, anywhere in the world, will produce twice as much wealth, meaning food, clothes, schooling, medicine, etc., as a communist country would over the same time period. That is a fact, which hundreds of examples prove, and none contradict.

Unfortunately for Xi, and all dictators, these elite Chinese people driving the real explosive growth in his economy also understand this whole process is inexorably intertwined with freedom of expression, civil rights, privacy rights, and ultimately the right to pick ones laws and leaders democratically. Back to Xi:

The large US trade deficit with China was a major talking point for Trump during last year’s presidential campaign, when he claimed Beijing had “stolen” millions of jobs from Americans.
He also accused China of manipulating its currency to support its exports — a charge he has dropped since taking office in January.

Here is the obligatory MSM Trump bash, this must take place somewhere in the article AND make him look bad or the article cannot run. China of course, DID manipulate their currency to help exports, for 20 years now running, just as Trump said on the campaign trail — before just RECENTLY reversing that policy. They write this up as Trump dropping the “charge”, not the Chinese changing a long-standing policy. That is purposeful, I assure you. Here is the meat, buried of course:

In his statement on Monday, Xi called for measures to liberalise trade and simplify import procedures while reducing tariffs on certain consumer products.
He stressed keeping the Yuan currency’s value “basically stable at a reasonable and balanced level”, and steadily pushing it “to become an international currency”, Xinhua state news agency reported.

So, Xi is signaling his grand bargain. He will open up some markets, not the critical ones (liberalise), and remove some governmental abuses (simplify) which outright steal and block our products, while simultaneously removing and/or reducing the tariffs, which were designed to block products he couldn’t or didn’t want to outright block the other ways. This is a lot of dancing for Xi, and signals a real desire to move the needle on imports – but why?

The last sentence is why.

…and steadily pushing it “to become an international currency”

Xi cannot achieve that last objective without American help. Hence this crafted announcement and the narrative to follow. Xi’s economy can never grow again like in the past without this currency convertibility problem bring solved, and even the growth he has — is imperiled by the currency trap he is in if this doesn’t happen. Xi wants us to help him make the Yuan fully convertible the world over, to stabilize HIS capital flight problem, and in return, he’s promising things he only half wants to do – and that will not work without political reform, creating a second party at the bare minimum. So why is this big news?

Because it also signals how few alternatives he has to beginning some type of reform based on foreign investment, foreign trade, and foreign ideas as well. Xi must know this position I believe he is taking half-heartedly, has a lot of truth in it. He must partially know this because he has vigorously tried the other way, and the rate of growth expansion, has been collapsing every day he’s been in power. Trump is smart, he can take this Xi outline and put a program in place that achieves all his goals for US jobs, and also has the potential to change China over the long term.

Furthermore, I’m betting that’s exactly what he does.

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The Earth is NOT warming, somebody please tell the NYT, WaPo, my daughter…

The Earth is NOT warming, somebody please tell the NYT, WaPo, my daughter…

My readers know – I’ve known — the Earth is NOT heating up, for some time. But I was among a few lone voices, (even my daughter believes in global warming) in the public arena, willing to sign my name to that.

One reason? The big data sets being used by governments — seemed to back up these claims. There was of course, a lot of contradicting data — data I had more confidence in for a variety of reasons too lengthy to explain here — but nevertheless, the big 3 data sets SEEMED to be against my argument.

Suddenly out of the blue, comes this new MIT report smashing the global warming narrative to pieces.

The scientists, their findings, and the data in the report were stressed to be conclusive:

MIT Report — “The conclusive findings of this research are that the three GAST data sets are not a valid representation of reality. In fact, the magnitude of their historical data adjustments, that removed their cyclical temperature patterns, are totally inconsistent with published and credible U.S. and other temperature data.”

This is a very big deal and would normally create a big splash in the news but instead this is a crisis at publications like the NYT and Washington Post, which have gambled their credibility on the AGW narrative. The result? After millions of front page words written trying to convince people this was a real problem — the MSM seems unable to write any stories admitting it isn’t true.

If you are wondering what the MIT scientists found, here is an excerpt summarizing it, basically, all 3 data sets systemically inflated their temperature data, year after year, with the same false manipulation method, they incorrectly “…removed their cyclical temperature patterns…”

Here is the meat of the MIT Report — It was found that each new version of GAST has nearly always exhibited a steeper warming linear trend over its entire history. And, it was nearly always accomplished by systematically removing the previously existing cyclical temperature pattern. This was true for all three entities providing GAST data measurement, NOAA, NASA and Hadley CRU.

As a result, this research sought to validate the current estimates of GAST using the best available relevant data. This included the best documented and understood data sets from the U.S. and elsewhere as well as global data from satellites that provide far more extensive global coverage and are not contaminated by bad siting and urbanization impacts. Satellite data integrity also benefits from having cross checks with Balloon data.

The conclusive findings of this research are that the three GAST data sets are not a valid representation of reality. In fact, the magnitude of their historical data adjustments, that removed their cyclical temperature patterns, are totally inconsistent with published and credible U.S. and other temperature data.

Thus, it is impossible to conclude from the three published GAST data sets that recent years have been the warmest ever –despite current claims of record setting warming.

Finally, since GAST data set validity is a necessary condition for EPA’s GHG/CO2 Endangerment Finding, it too is invalidated by these research findings.

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Dershowitz Speaks Truth, Again

Dershowitz Speaks Truth, Again

Alan Dershowitz, the famous Harvard Law Professor is not just smart, he is a serial truth teller. I love people like this, they can support you on 20 issues but if they find one thing you are doing wrong, they write about it anyway.

Normally guys like him are a P in the A to most politicians but recently these Dershowitz characteristics — have been helping Trump – because Trump has been right legally, and that is the Dershowitz true religion.

This latest quote is a great example. In the old days, when journalism was real, this would have made it into the lede in every news story thread about this Russia thing being written – but those days are gone. Here is the Dershowitz quote, which of course, I second.

Dershowitz — “I’m shocked as a civil libertarian, and a criminal lawyer and a liberal at how liberals are, some of them at least, prepared to stretch existing laws, talk about treason, talk about other kinds of crimes that just don’t exist when it comes to the facts as we know them about this meeting,” he said. “So I’m going to keep insisting we stop accusing people of crime when there is no evidence of crime.”

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The Democrats DO have a plan

The Democrats DO have a plan

As you Faithful Five know, Trump has potentially switched the Marginal propensity lever inside the world’s investors — which could ignite a productivity and profit boom — but if Congress does not act, on ACA and Tax Reform, this is endangered.

By withholding every vote, complete obstructionism, they can bring the Republicans down – that is — if the Republicans cannot agree among themselves.

If the Republicans cannot agree among themselves how to solve the country’s problems — maybe the Dims have a point.

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Chuck Grassley is figuring the Russia thing out…

Chuck Grassley is figuring the Russia thing out…

The NYT, WaPo, the networks – are all over the Russia narrative — but are burying the lede. To understand this conspiracy, and it was a conspiracy, you have to study the web site of Charles Grassley, the wily Senator from Iowa, who is literally at the center of the storm, and who is layer by layer, methodically for months now, in full view of the public, but out of the main stream media completely – been uncovering this huge conspiracy, one layer at a time, and the reasons for it.

The lede is, the whole Russia narrative had a purpose, funding, strategy and conspirators — namely to cover up the illegal Russian influence campaign to undo the Magnitsky act.

Surprise, surprise however, this literally had nothing to do with Trump. It was a Democratic Party aided effort, that preceded the election by years—it was decided late in the game to dump all this on the Republican nominee Trump – if need be.

I know when I write stuff like this people think I’m crazy because I live in Montgomery County and the people here drink Commie Kool-Aid, so I’ll show you just how serious this is, if you are willing to read the truth.

The rest of this blog is directly from Senator Chuck Grassley’s Senate web site.

Like I said, in full view, but uncovered by the MSM.

Here is the Senator:

WASHINGTON – Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley is asking whether a suspected former Russian intelligence officer-turned U.S. lobbyist and the firm behind the unsubstantiated anti-Trump dossier should have registered as foreign agents for their efforts to bring down a U.S. law on behalf of the Kremlin. According to a complaint filed with the Justice Department, Fusion GPS, which was also involved in the creation of the unsubstantiated dossier alleging collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, was involved in the pro-Russia campaign to kill theGlobal Magnitsky Act around the same time.

In 2012, President Obama signed into law the Magnitsky Act, named for a lawyer who suspiciously died in Russian custody after accusing Russian government officials and members of organized crime of using corporate identity theft against Hermitage Capital Management to fraudulently obtain and launder $230 million, some of which allegedly ended up in U.S. real estate projects. The Magnitsky Act imposed sanctions against those involved as well as other Russians designated as human rights abusers.

In 2013, the Justice Department opened a case to seize the U.S. assets of Russian-owned Prevezon Holdings, which received millions of dollars from the theft and used it to purchase real estate in New York, according to the department’s complaint. In response, Prevezon Holdings and the Kremlin launched a campaign to undermine the Magnitsky Act and discredit Magnitsky’s claims of corruption, according to a 2016 complaint by Hermitage CEO William Browder. Fusion GPS and Rinat Akhmetshin, among others, were involved in the pro-Russia campaign in 2016, which involved lobbying congressional staffers to attempt to undermine the Justice Department’s account of Magnitsky’s death and the crime he uncovered, repeal the Magnitsky Act itself, and delay efforts to expand it to countries beyond Russia, according to Browder’s complaint. Akhmetshin, a Russian immigrant, has reportedly admitted to being a “soviet counterintelligence officer,” and has a long history of lobbying the U.S. government for pro-Russia matters. Fusion GPS was reportedly tasked with generating negative press coverage of Browder and Hermitage.

Despite the reported evidence of their work on behalf of Russian interests, neither Fusion GPS nor Akhmetshin are registered as foreign agents under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA).

FARA was passed to improve transparency of individuals and organizations that lobby the U.S. government or act as publicity agents on behalf of a foreign principal. Grassley has previously raised concerns about the department’s inconsistent enforcement of FARA. This case is particularly important given that Fusion GPS was apparently simultaneously working on the unsubstantiated dossier alleging collusion between Trump presidential campaign associates and Russia, which the FBI reportedly agreed to continue funding. Because Fusion GPS had not registered under FARA, it is unclear whether the FBI was aware of the company’s pro-Russia activities and its connection with Ahkmetshin when evaluating the credibility of the dossier the company helped create.

In a letter today to the Justice Department, Grassley is asking for an update on Browder’s 2016 FARA complaint, including what steps the department has taken to enforce FARA.

Full text of Grassley’s letter follows:

March 31, 2017

The Honorable Dana Boente
Acting Deputy Attorney General
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20530

Dear Mr. Boente:

Over the past few years, the Committee has repeatedly contacted the Department of Justice to raise concerns about the Department’s lack of enforcement of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (“FARA”). I write regarding the Department’s response to the alleged failure of pro-Russia lobbyists to register under FARA. In July of 2016, Mr. William Browder filed a formal FARA complaint with the Justice Department regarding Fusion GPS, Rinat Akhmetshin, and their associates.[1] His complaint alleged that lobbyists working for Russian interests in a campaign to oppose the pending Global Magnitsky Act failed to register under FARA and the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995. The Committee needs to understand what actions the Justice Department has taken in response to the information in Mr. Browder’s complaint. The issue is of particular concern to the Committee given that when Fusion GPS reportedly was acting as an unregistered agent of Russian interests, it appears to have been simultaneously overseeing the creation of the unsubstantiated dossier of allegations of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians.
Mr. Browder is the CEO of Hermitage Capital Management (“Hermitage”), an investment firm that at one time was the largest foreign portfolio investor in Russia. According to the Justice Department, in 2007, Russian government officials and members of organized crime engaged in corporate identity theft, stealing the corporate identities of three Hermitage companies and using them to fraudulently obtain $230 million.[2] The $230 million was then extensively laundered into accounts outside of Russia. When Hermitage learned of the situation, its attorneys, including Mr. Sergei Magnitsky, investigated. In December of 2007, Hermitage filed criminal complaints with law enforcement agencies in Russia, complaints which identified the Russian government officials who had been involved. In response, the Russian government assigned the case to the very officials involved in the crime, who then arrested Mr. Magnitsky and kept him in pretrial detention for nearly a year, until he died under highly suspicious circumstances after being beaten by guards and denied medical treatment.

In response to this brazen violation of human rights, Congress passed the bipartisan Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012 (“Magnitsky Act”), which was signed into law by President Obama. The law authorized sanctions against those who the President determined were responsible for Mr. Magnitsky’s detention and death, those who financially benefitted from it, and those involved in the criminal conspiracy he had uncovered. The law also authorized sanctions against those the President determined were responsible for other extrajudicial killings, torture, or human rights violations committed against individuals seeking to promote human rights or expose illegal activity carried out by Russian government officials. The sanctions involved banning the identified individuals from the U.S. and authorizing the President to use the International Emergency Economic Powers Act to freeze their property, provided that the property is in the United States. President Obama initially identified 18 such individuals, and subsequently added others.

The Russian government responded to the Magnitsky Act by prohibiting all adoptions of Russian children by United States citizens. It similarly put out a list of 18 U.S. government officials banned from Russia.

In 2013, the Department of Justice initiated a civil asset forfeiture case against Prevezon Holdings, a company owned by Russian Denis Katsyv, the son of a former Russian government minister.[3] The Justice Department argued that his company had received millions of the laundered $230 million from the conspiracy Mr. Magnitsky discovered, and had used it to purchase real estate in New York.[4] Additionally, in 2015, Senators Cardin and McCain introduced the Global Magnitsky Act, which would extend the Magnitsky sanctions framework to human rights violators across the globe.
As detailed in press accounts and in Mr. Browder’s FARA complaint, in response to these actions, Prevezon Holdings and the Russian government began a lobbying campaign purportedly designed to try to: repeal the Magnitsky Act; remove the name “Magnitsky” from the Global Magnitsky Act and delay its progress; and cast doubt on the Justice Department’s version of events regarding the corporate identity theft of Hermitage’s companies, the fraudulently obtained $230 million, and the death of Mr. Magnitsky.[5]

Prevezon’s lobbying efforts were reportedly commissioned by Mr. Katsyv, who organized them through a Delaware non-profit he formed and through the law firm then representing Prevezon in the asset forfeiture case, Baker Hostetler.[6] Among others, the efforts involved lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin and Fusion GPS, a political research firm led by Glenn Simpson.[7] According to press reports, Baker Hostetler partner Mark Cymrot briefed congressional staff on the asset forfeiture case, attempting to discredit the Justice Department’s version of events and instead push the Russian government’s account.[8] Rinat Akhmetshin, along with former Congressman Ron Dellums, reportedly lobbied the House Foreign Affairs Committee, telling staffers “they were lobbying on behalf of a Russian company called Prevezon and ask[ing] [the Committee] to delay the Global Magnitsky Act or at least remove Magnitsky from the name,” as well as telling the staffers “it was a shame that this bill has made it so Russian orphans cannot be adopted by Americans.”[9] Mr. Akhmetshin was also involved in the screening, targeting Congressional staffers and State Department officials, of an anti-Magnitsky propaganda film.[10] For its part, Fusion GPS reportedly “dug up dirt” on Mr. Browder’s property and finances, and attempted to generate negative stories about Mr. Browder and Hermitage in the media, shopping stories to a number of reporters.[11]

According to press reports, the Russian government also directly delivered a letter on the issue to a Congressional delegation visiting the country, which similarly sought to undermine the Justice Department’s account of events by accusing Mr. Browder and Mr. Magnitsky of a variety of crimes.[12] The letter from the Russian government also stated:

Changing attitudes to the Magnitsky story in Congress, obtaining reliable knowledge about real events and personal motives of those behind the lobbying of this destructive Act, taking into account the pre-election political situation may change the current climate in interstate relations. Such a situation could have a very favorable response from the Russian side on many key controversial issues and disagreements with the United States, including matters concerning the adoption procedures.[13]
It is particularly disturbing that Mr. Akhmetshin and Fusion GPS were working together on this pro-Russia lobbying effort in 2016 in light of Mr. Akhmetshin’s history and reputation. Mr. Akhmetshin is a Russian immigrant to the U.S. who has admitted having been a “Soviet counterintelligence officer.”[14] In fact, it has been reported that he worked for the GRU and allegedly specializes in “active measures campaigns,” i.e., subversive political influence operations often involving disinformation and propaganda.[15] According to press accounts, Mr. Akhmetshin “is known in foreign policy circles as a key pro-Russian operator,”[16] and Radio Free Europe described him as a “Russian ‘gun-for-hire’ [who] lurks in the shadows of Washington’s lobbying world.”[17] He was even accused in a lawsuit of organizing a scheme to hack the computers of one his client’s adversaries.[18]

As you know, Fusion GPS is the company behind the creation of the unsubstantiated dossier alleging a conspiracy between President Trump and Russia. It is highly troubling that Fusion GPS appears to have been working with someone with ties to Russian intelligence –let alone someone alleged to have conducted political disinformation campaigns– as part of a pro-Russia lobbying effort while also simultaneously overseeing the creation of the Trump/Russia dossier. The relationship casts further doubt on an already highly dubious dossier.

The actions of Mr. Akhmetshin, Fusion GPS, and the others described in Mr. Browder’s complaint appear to show that they acted on behalf of a foreign principal. This is exactly the type of activity Congress intended to reach with FARA. When properly enforced, FARA provides important transparency. However, in this case, because none of the parties involved in the anti-Magnitsky lobbying had properly registered under FARA, these suspicious connections were not appropriately documented and brought to public light. In fact, it is unclear whether the FBI was or is aware of Fusion GPS’s pro-Russia lobbying and connection to Mr. Akhmetshin, or that these efforts coincided with the creation of the dossier. Presumably, such awareness would have informed the FBI’s evaluation of the dossier’s credibility. This is why it is important for the Department of Justice to actually enforce FARA’s disclosure requirements.

In order for the Committee to evaluate the situation, please respond to the following by no later than April 14, 2017:

1. What actions, if any, has the Department of Justice taken to enforce FARA’s requirements regarding the parties identified in Mr. Browder’s July 16, 2016 complaint?
2. None of the parties involved appear to have registered these activities pursuant to FARA. Why has the Justice Department not required them to register under FARA?
3. Has the Justice Department sent letters of inquiry to any of the parties identified in the complaint?
4. If so, please provide copies. If not, why not?
5. Under 28 C.F.R. § 5.2, any present or prospective agent of a foreign entity may request an advisory opinion from the Justice Department regarding the need to register. Have any of the parties identified in the complaint ever requested an advisory opinion in relation to the pro-Russia work described in this letter? If so, please provide a copy of the request and the opinion.

I anticipate that your written response and the responsive documents will be unclassified. Please send all unclassified material directly to the Committee. In keeping with the requirements of Executive Order 13526, if any of the responsive documents do contain classified information, please segregate all unclassified material within the classified documents, provide all unclassified information directly to the Committee, and provide a classified addendum to the Office of Senate Security. The Committee complies with all laws and regulations governing the handling of classified information. The Committee is not bound, absent its prior agreement, by any handling restrictions or instructions on unclassified information unilaterally asserted by the Executive Branch.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this important matter. If you have any questions, please contact Patrick Davis of my Committee staff at (202) 224-5225.


Charles E. Grassley
Committee on the Judiciary

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The Liberal Left is Mentally Ill

The Liberal Left is Mentally Ill

I have a lot of liberal friends and I used to think they made a few Republican positions and policies look bad — with the strength of some of their arguments – but in recent years the liberal left has gone around the bend, and no longer even plays the game with a full deck.

Support for Civil Rights has become something else, something sick at heart. Sally Kohn is a perfect example of this concept and of someone I used to read, watch, and listen to — and although I did not always agree with her of course — I respected her POV enough to include it in my regular news sweep.

After waves of Islamic Terrorist incidents, massive, documented, Sharia Law abuses in over 30 countries which: threaten, degrade, humiliate, and deny civil rights to HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of woman — regardless of sexual orientation – someone like Sally Kohn puts out the following tweet:

June 13, 2016 — SALLY KOHN — Simple fact is that progressive Muslims recognize my fundamental humanity and equality as a queer person more than Christian right does.

This is mentally ill thinking. Muslims do not recognize any queer person’s fundamental humanity and equality — that is not possible. Because the Muslim faith itself will not recognize it’s own followers as Muslims, if they do that.

You can have a person pretend he or she is a Muslim and that pretender can or may look on you as an equal or a friend, but if they are a true Muslim, from ANY of the major sects being practiced in countries with Muslim majorities – that actually have Sharia Law today — being queer is forbidden and punishable by death.

This is a not a theoretical, as Kohn knows because of her access to news from the world over, queer people are actually rounded up by Muslims, put in cages, and set on fire – in areas where Muslims are either in power (Sharia Law), coming to power (Jihad), or even exiting power. They also cut the off the heads of the homosexuals and/or throw them off cliffs or buildings. Really.

This is not an incidental or isolated thing by the way. Muslims don’t quietly suppress homosexuality and occasionally it gets out of hand, in Iran, one of the two major Muslim players in the world today, they claim there are NO homosexuals whatsoever.

Despite the number of people they kill every year for this “crime”, this is a crazy statement, even for the Iranian government. The fact is, a certain percentage of humans will turn out homosexual in all populations — and Christians the world over, get this. It’s the Muslim faith itself — which is in denial about this biological fact.

Now the Old Testament Bible also contains harsh language and penalties for homosexuality, the difference is, Christianity is forgiveness based as it practiced widely today, New Testament based, and even Jewish religions — which don’t embrace the New Testament — are tolerant of homosexuality as a rule and very defensive about civil rights in general.

What is the real world experience in the Arab and Muslim worlds? The Muslim faith the world over today is anything but tolerant of homosexuality, civil rights, women’s rights, and religious freedom, even the freedom to drive. These important things are all reserved for straight, religiously devout, Muslim men ONLY.

Where homosexuality is found in the Muslim world, it is brutally eliminated, if not by fire, than by the sword. These horrible things I am describing are not opinions, they are fact and fact most people in the world, even the poorly informed, are aware of.

How Sally Kohn of all people could not understand this – is beyond me. Liberalism has become a mental disorder that actually blocks the assimilation of certain data – no matter how clear that data becomes.

Inside the churches of the Christian faith Kohn attacked, there are homosexual priests, elders, bishops, and a swelling social tolerance of all the principles and concepts Kohn holds dear. Inside the Muslim faith is hatred, death, and rejection for every one of those ideals – and yet – you can read her tweet yourself.

It’s like she’s a Jew, who, having visited an operating WWII German death camp, still gives a speech supporting the Nazi cause. It’s possible I guess, but only a mentally ill person could put up that much denial.

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Why I am in a good mood lately…

Why I am in a good mood lately…

I’ve been worried about some things, admittedly far beyond my influence, for a number of years.

Now you might ask, with things such as they are in the world, would I suddenly be less worried? I will give you a rundown of a few items I think were going badly for years and years — and now are looking somewhat better.

CHINA – Our trade imbalance with China, their communist dictatorship, their ambitions beyond their borders, their cyber activities and most importantly their internal rate of growth — all bothered me for years. NONE of that concerns me anymore.

My math indicated their gdp growth rate has been declining now for 5 straight years and is currently under 5%. But that was just me, and I don’t believe my own math enough, to not be worried anyway. Now Harvard has published a study ALSO putting the number under 5% and they agree with me, it’s never going above 5% again in the next decade. Thank God. Economists are shaking their heads trying to figure why I would think that is good, but it is. As long as the communist dictatorship in China has no political opposition and military ambitions — we don’t want them any richer than they currently are.

Politically this guy Xi is a real hard ass and that has repercussions. Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, the ASEAN countries, the Philippines, India — everyone is on to Xi’s shit now. His days of plus 10% growth, unlimited FOREX, and island building in secret are all gone. His Belt and Road initiative is a big loser, probably along the lines of $1 Trillion dollars, and domestically I also see nothing but trouble ahead for him. The SOE’s remain a huge drag on the rest of the economy, pollution is $4 Trillion ahead of him, and politically he has only 2 constituencies left, the afore mentioned SOE’s – HALF of which must shrink and/or go bankrupt and the party/military types which I predict he has a lot of trouble keeping happy. This purge left bad feelings and he’s had to back off it or risk splitting the party further.

But the biggest change occurred 2 years ago when the PBoC had to start SUPPORTING their currency, reversing a two decade long trend of weakening their currency. I thought Xi would reverse this, and he tried, but then something I never anticipated happened, capital flight out of China exploded, and Xi realized something — he cannot weaken the currency AND have a strong growth rate.

Investors the world over, flee a weakening currency like rats from a burning ship and Xi has millions of investors in his economy.

Xi may be a Communist — but the laws of Capitalism are like the laws of physics, they apply whether you believe in them or not. The harder he struggles to control these conflicting priorities, the slower his economy will grow and a strong economy is how you build a strong military.

Freedom is a force. The will to speak out, vote and control your own destiny is not restricted to Americans. The laws of Capitalism have created the perfect Chinese Put — they can have Freedom and strong growth, or continued communist encroachment and slow growth, but NOT suppression and fast growth and that means I’m happy with either of those they choose.

This leaves China in a different position than they were 10 years ago and that position is LESS of a threat to the United States. They wanted to a world power, lets see how they deal with it, so far, from my POV; everything they have attempted has compromised their advantages, not extended them.

ISLAMIC TERRORISM – Neither Bush or Obama made me happy on this problem. Bush upset the power balance in the region and Obama willingly aided and abetted the enemy. At home, we were pushing agreements to bring refugees/potential terrorists here, the Syrian mess — which John Kerry mishandled as badly as can humanly be mishandled – was flooding Europe with refugees and they were further destabilizing 10 more countries, almost all allies. Nasty. Huge dollars. No easy way out. Then a miracle happened, and Trump was elected, and he single handily reversed the many directions we were going wrong on this issue. Still a fight, but we’ve got the main guys out of the way, we’ve turned the corner with our problem (Obama) with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the GCC, even the Qatar thing is positive. This will slow down terrorist funding and terrorism only happens because it’s funded.

IRAN – Anyone who reads me knows I hate this Iranian Nuclear deal from top to bottom, Wendy Sherman, Ben Rhodes, John Kerry and of course Obama, are all to blame for this deal, which I predict has not changed Iran’s time to build by even a day, but has financially, militarily and materially strengthened not the country of Iran, which I have no beef with, but the crazy cabal of Khomeini’s who want to destroy the US more than they want Iran to succeed.

All of this was on my mind for years, but now — a few hundred-blog pieces later — I think the Iranian moment in the Sun came and went under Obama.

Israel, Trump, Saudi Arabia, all have one mind now, stop Iran. Stop their terror funding, their insurgency backing, their nuke program, stop the whole damn show, not by force, but by something I now realize FINALLY does have power over Iran, SANCTIONS. The people are tired of the revolution and want things. Sanctions make it hard for their economy to provide those things.

They are desperate to create growth as well. This will never end because the mullahs won’t surrender power or become economists – so they’re *ucked basically. Every dollar they spend on a nuke at this time is wasted money because Israel has the capability to stop delivery — and there are no other targets that don’t ensure MAD, with the possible exception of SA.

But the blow that will keep on hitting Iran in the solar plexus for the next 5 years, is low Oil prices, which for reasons explained below, will remain low, strangling the mullahs cash pipeline, which is the source of much misery in the world.

North Korea – I thought for years (and I think the Chinese thought) that NK was a Chinese pawn to be played as they saw fit for their purposes at different times. But each Kim is crazier than the next and I don’t think they have positive control anymore –in fact – NK has become another Chinese albatross. If the state fails, they are flooded with refugees, if it doesn’t and Kim stays crazy –it drives SK and Japan toward the US military umbrella with THAAD, F-35’s, possibly a Ford class super carrier lease to Japan.

Essentially NK has FRIGHTENED these countries into higher defense spending, a looser constitution militarily in Japan and political choices in SK they would not have made otherwise. If it’s true (the Chinese claim this) that this NK stupidity is the result of the US and SK joint war maneuvers there every year — than I say congratulations to the Pentagon for the political coup of the century. I like how Trump has painted the Chinese into the corner on this, it’s their problem, they created it, don’t pretend otherwise, solve it, or else. With Obama that threat would have made them chuckle in Beijing – but they aren’t chuckling at Trump.

Russia – Putin had me on edge for a few years now. His big FOREX account, his Oil wealth, his SU-27 and future variants, Georgia, Crimea, Ukraine, Syria, all looked negative to me. Then Heidi Heitkamp outfoxed the President of the United States (Obama) and got the domestic restriction on US Oil sales lifted. This made every domestic supplier $10 better off per barrel, or, the difference between drilling and not for most shale pro forma’s.

Shale exploration technology itself also made a few unexpected leaps and bounds, and like magic the US shale industry exploded. Like a domino SA decided to protect market share with high production. At one special moment in time the scales rebalanced, and at a rate range ($40-$60bl) that producers here in the US like the Permian and the Scoop & Stack can make money at. Lower Oil prices aren’t just good for the consumer; they have devastated Putin’s chances to dominate Europe. Again, no war funding, no war. Obama, Kerry, Merkel, the military, all think they stopped Putin. Heidi Heitkamp the brilliant Senator from North Dakota stopped Putin.

The US Economy – I love the US economy. It is the shining star in all the world for size, diversity, productivity, adaptability and brute force in places. But the Federal Reserve Balance Sheet issues from QE 1 through today, nagged at me. Why didn’t the currency reinforcements done by the west after the Great Recession cause INFLATION?

Every black box model say it should, and instead we got a deflationary spiral, which appears to have flattened – but still — this troubled me. However the recent rate increases and the FOMC decision to begin tapering, all seem to have been met, accepted and digested by the markets. If the Fed can work off the balance sheet without freezing credit markets again, the grand experiment will have worked. I would have bet against this, and things like the missing inflation PLUS lousy productivity numbers still bother me, but the market seems strong and if Trump passes Tax Reform, I think the economy is in for a 5-year ride up.

Oil – This was the key. We don’t spend $400 billion on Oil anymore, we export it. Iran, Russia, the two worst players on the planet, both depend on high Oil prices for the cash flow they need to make mischief all over the globe. That’s over. It took a lot of stuff to happen no one expected, but it did — and it will stay this way for a least the next 4 or 5 years.

Pollution – under control here in the US, out of control in China. If they fix it, it will slow growth, if we relax our excessive regulations, we grow. Win-Win.

Global Warming – it broke my heart to see them spending billions on this farce while real pollution the world over is threatening mankind and all the rest of the species. Fortunately Trump arrived in the nick of time to scuttle the Paris Accord, and now that we’ve withdrawn it will collapse, ($$) and just like that 8 years of Obama’s climate lies, went up in smoke. Whew, that was close.

Species Extinction – I used to preach about how quickly we are approaching extinction as a species IF — we continue to kill off the world’s OTHER species through habitat encroachment, deforestation and poaching/hunting. Now, a group of scientists have come out with a publication detailing this problem and drawing attention to it on a scale I could not have duplicated.

The F-35 – I hated the VTOL idea and now we have this great fighter. Was I wrong? No, of course not, the F-35 STARTED out as a VTOL, that EVOLVED into the 3 versions we have today, all of which use take off assist or a runway, and therefore, my Trillion dollar headache white elephant that would have needed 40% of it’s fuel capacity just to get airborne became a savior. Now, pair it with squadrons of less expensive F-18’s and you have financial efficiency and battlefield dominance. This change in the parameters of the VTOL concept for the F-35 — also forced us to change thinking about the continued importance of carriers, something to our advantage since our enemies don’t have them.

What a GREAT year it’s been so far!

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Was Obama a Traitor?

Was Obama a Traitor?

I admit I never understood Obama’s decisions but if what this former Admiral says is even partially true, a lot of the things he did make more sense.

HNGN News — Retired four-star U.S. Navy Adm. James A. “Ace” Lyons controversially claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood terrorism front group has managed to infiltrate every U.S. security agency under President Barack Obama’s guidance.

With the Obama regime’s support, the radical anti-freedom organization has been given the freedom to penetrate an increasing number of U.S. agencies, the former commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet said at the National Press Club in January.Since Obama’s election in 2008, the “transformation of America has been in full swing” based upon his campaign promise to “fundamentally transform America,” the high-ranking admiral said.

“There’s no question we have got a hell of a job ahead of us with the Muslim Brotherhood penetration in every one of our national security agencies, including all our intelligence agencies,” Lyons told the audience, describing CIA head John Brennan as a “Muslim convert.”

Citing the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and the peace rally that followed, Lyons stated that Obama’s failure to join more than 50 world leaders in condemning Islamic terrorism was a “signal to Islamic jihadis,” and is “one of many signals he sent over the years while in office.

In addition, he also spoke about his growing concern about radical Islam and its followers. “The threat is Islam. There’s no such thing as radical Islam,” he asserted. “Make no mistake about it. There’s no such thing as radical Islam.”

Lyons, whose 36-year career was capped by serving as commander of U.S. Pacific Fleet, is currently the CEO of LION Associates.

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