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The Democratic Party is on the Rocks, or, “Shut the F*ck Up”

The Democratic Party is on the Rocks, or, “Shut the F*ck Up” The national media won’t cover this story, nobody in Washington D.C. is talking about it — but here is the lede — The Democratic Party is on the … Continue reading

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Is Trump backing away from Israel?

Is Trump backing away from Israel? This piece from American Thinker asks that question, read a little: “Sadly, this is another indication to Israeli supporters of Trump that despite Trump’s many campaign promises and words of support, his actions show … Continue reading

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China is the biggest threat to the world

China is the biggest threat to the world. That may sound melodramatic, what with ISIL and North Korea, both vying for the brutality and human rights violations crown – BUT, the real culprit in destabilizing the world is most assuredly … Continue reading

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WHY Obama is wrong II

The President thinks being politically correct by coddling the Muslim religion will somehow protect America. This has been tried actually, in Europe, and it failed badly. Read this quote (brand new) from the country’s justice minister and pray Obama wakes up … Continue reading

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Our Deal with the Devil

Our Deal with the Devil The President has made a deal with Iran, hoping to curb their nuclear ambitions and encourage better behavior from them as a sovereign state. Read the following as the first CONCRETE example this was a … Continue reading

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Great News, Sherman’s March is over

Great News, Sherman’s March is over I feel bad writing a column celebrating the end of someone’s political career, but in this case, you the faithful five, need this data. Wendy Sherman isn’t just a diplomat, she’s the THE diplomat … Continue reading

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