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The Unified Field Theory Beginning

The Unified Field Theory Beginning The real question isn’t how COULD the universe be composed of stuff that is no more than a math function, a concept, a metaphysical IDEA, the real question is – How COULDN’T it be made … Continue reading

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First nothingness was not, then came the Big Bang and the Gods came later — The Veda was written by a human who had witnessed the Revelation, a math formula — Spain

God comes to humans and puts a three dimensional image in their minds. I call this collection of images the Revelation, or The Machine, or the Unified Field Theory. The description below from ancient texts, was obviously written by a … Continue reading

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The Unified Field Theory or “I am”

by Karl Spain and Dr. Mark Richards To understand the theory you must take the following pledge, and accept the statement of faith, however temporarily — to grasp this idea. “I (insert your name here) agree, to take on faith, … Continue reading

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