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McCain on Taxes, will he be a Maverick?

McCain on Taxes, will he be a Maverick? I’ve crossed the Rubicon and opened up a conversation about Senator McCain I did not want to have, so what the hell, why not dive all the way in? One way or … Continue reading

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John McCain Corners Me

John McCain Corners Me I’ve been trying to avoid writing about John McCain for a while now – and he’s finally cornered me. I don’t want to write about him because I have mixed thoughts and emotions and I’ve learned … Continue reading

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Power and Rice will face Felony charges soon…

Power and Rice will face Felony charges I predicted here – months ago – both of these trail blazing and important woman, who shaped foreign policy in the United States for years, would eventually be arrested and charged with felony … Continue reading

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Hogan Proposes Huge Road Improvement

Hogan Proposes Huge Road Improvement This decade overdue news is nonetheless welcome. This from the Sun: Baltimore Sun — Governor Larry Hogan on Thursday proposed a $9 billion project to add four express toll lanes to the entire stretches of three of … Continue reading

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China shocks North Korea

China shocks North Korea PBoC Orders all affiliated Chinese financial entities to halt all transactions with any entities tied to North Korea. Trump also met with South Korean President Moon today, who warmly embraced the President and openly endorsed his … Continue reading

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McCain, Manchin and Heitkamp NEED to support Cassidy-Graham

McCain, Manchin and Heitkamp NEED to support Cassidy-Graham Obamacare, or the ACA, is failing. Americans expect the government to fix things, particularly things they broke. McCain (probably doesn’t care about this), Manchin and Heitkamp will lose their seats if they … Continue reading

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Afghan President Praises Trump

Afghan President Praises Trump It should not be a surprise the Afghan President likes President Trump’s approach to the war in Afghanistan better than Obama’s — whose approach was so dangerous, Ghani had to fly here and beg then president … Continue reading

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Obama Wiretapped Manafort at Trump Tower, Clinton funds Antifa, Trump addresses UN

Obama Wiretapped Manafort at Trump Tower, Clinton funds Antifa, Trump addresses UN To the Faithful Five, as you all know, the media lies to you daily and the biggest lie they commit, is the lie of omission, where important news … Continue reading

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A Love Letter to Tillerson and Haley

A Love Letter to Tillerson and Haley I have a lot of respect for the job Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is doing under very bad circumstances and of course, I’m in love (isn’t everybody?) with UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, … Continue reading

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What is an entrepreneur and why are they valuable?

Originally posted on karlspain:
By Karl Spain As an entrepreneur, having started over 30 businesses, and run them, in all shapes and sizes, from a chain of six daily newspapers to an IT company working for Tommy Hilfiger in NYC,…

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