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The Democratic Party’s Hillary problem

I’m not a doctor or even a nurse, but I can tell you — something is wrong with Hillary Clinton. Her lies, backstabbing, and refusal to accept that she lost or that her time in politics has passed reached a … Continue reading

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The Kurds

This blog piece will be controversial, so much so, I doubt any of the party partisans on either side of the Hate Trump/Love Trump debate would agree with it, but some people have been pushing me to explain what I … Continue reading

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Best breast news in years!

I write about politics and economics and war, but every now and then, I like to throw in some amazing and wonderful good news and todays column is one of those. This link goes to an article — wait for … Continue reading

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How Trump can win re-election

Trump supporters think he has this 2020 re-election in the bag and I agree he will win, but that prediction has an air of uncertainty about it — because Trump’s base — and a huge majority of the American electorate … Continue reading

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Trump leaves Syria

President Donald Trump has kept another campaign promise. Against all odds, against his detractors who have called this promise fake, against his cabinet, his top security advisors, most Pentagon brass — and every friend he has in the US Senate; … Continue reading

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We do not have a presidential crisis, we have a press crisis

EVERY single thing listed below is publicly available on the Internet and none of it has been reported in-depth by either the NYT or The Washington Post. We do not have a presidential crisis, we have a press crisis. 2009 … Continue reading

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The NYT is helping Trump

The NYT published a story (that even the Donald Trump-hating Washington Post wouldn’t touch) which ostensibly brought a new (30-year-old) sexual assault accusation against SCOTUS justice Brett Kavanaugh — BUT that somehow conveniently left out the fact that the alleged … Continue reading

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9-11, nearly 20 years later…

When I was 41, after the conclusion of a 20-year career in the newspaper business, I was watching TV one morning in Montgomery County Maryland and a kind of horror movie played out before me. The first strike was a … Continue reading

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Washington Post lies, again and again

The Washington Post, a newspaper I used to admire (I was in Journalism for years) has committed a few sins against its readers. They pushed, revealed, and constructed the Russia-gate narrative, the false story that President Donald Trump was under … Continue reading

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Carriers for Japan — sort of…

Faithful Five followers of my blog know I have advocated — for years — selling two full-size carriers (lease deal) to the Japanese and the Australians. Balance of power move. Anyway, some enterprising Japanese have figured out a cheap way … Continue reading

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