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Trump Foreign Policy Emerges

Trump Foreign Policy Emerges 1. Renew old acquaintances ignored, insulted, attacked, or compromised by Obama. So far, this is going great. 2. Strike at our enemies with military force, and notice, commensurate with the threat and — our troop safety … Continue reading

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Erdogan and Jerusalem

Erdogan and Jerusalem The U.S. has had a long-standing commitment to move our embassy in Israel, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Candidate, and President, Trump — has repeatedly pledged to PM Netanyahu — that he will remove the official “pause” … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Truth

Inconvenient Truth Politico is not much of a real news source but is a great place to go and read what new falsehood the Progressive Left has created – in the hope of holding onto power. Which makes the news … Continue reading

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Our Deal with the Devil

Our Deal with the Devil The President has made a deal with Iran, hoping to curb their nuclear ambitions and encourage better behavior from them as a sovereign state. Read the following as the first CONCRETE example this was a … Continue reading

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What a Miraculous day for Turkey

Readers of my blog know I’m no fan of Turkey’s president Erdogan and I’ll be honest, I was pretty sure he was going to rig the elections there to give himself a needed 66% super-majority so he could change the … Continue reading

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Obama asks for declaration of war

Not his actual remarks, just what he should have said. I come before you the American people tonight, after 6 years in office as your president to ask for a declaration of war. Let me begin by saying The American … Continue reading

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