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Our Democracy is in Danger!

Our Democracy is in Danger! I don’t say that lightly of course, on the contrary I dare not — say it out loud — for fear the ring of truth in those words might break my heart. But as a Marylander … Continue reading

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Boston University Funding Cut

Boston University Funding Cut If a major university employed white racists who used the media, their professional platform and social media to insult, degrade, and target blacks or any other minority; the government would cut their share of all federal … Continue reading

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Great news, which speaks for itself

Los Angeles Times | April 28, 2015 | 12:14 PM The Los Angeles Police Commission voted today to approve a policy for equipping officers with body cameras. The 3-1 vote moves the LAPD a step closer to becoming the nation’s … Continue reading

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Good reasons for opposing the Iranian Nuclear Deal

The loony liberal echo machine is already hard at work distorting the arguments around the president’s deal with Iran. Since I am a critic let me be clear: I am not against this deal because I’m a warmonger.             On … Continue reading

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Just how stupid is Fareed Zakaria?

By Karl Spain Just how stupid is Fareed Zakaria? I ask because certainly it must have occurred to him before writing todays Op-Ed piece in the dreaded WaPo Sewer; that name calling Netanyahu’s position on Iran, claiming it was from … Continue reading

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We need Cameras for Cops, everywhere, now

The Post below was first published in August. Since the President is now calling for this, I thought I’d refresh it. By Karl Spain We have a serious problem in this country. An ever-growing number of Americans, black and white, … Continue reading

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