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The Chinese and Russian Invasion Plan in detail

The Chinese and Russian Invasion Plan in detail One of the Faithful Five asked me how the Chinese put this plan to invade Taiwan together and I agreed to share. Let me say first, this plan is not new, the … Continue reading

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A love letter to the Chinese people

  by Karl Spain I send love and greetings to the Chinese people from a small place in the United States called Maryland. I was born here in Maryland — have never lived more than 50 miles from here – … Continue reading

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No Nukes for Nuts

The Iranian nuclear arms deal is a bad deal. It will result in Iran getting a nuclear bomb and President Obama needs to kill this entire idea and then do everything in his power with financial sanctions, air power (Syrian … Continue reading

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I’m Sad For Russia

In a thousand ways, large and small, everyday I see the damage wrought by Putin’s disastrous decision to go into Ukraine and the long-range implications on the Russian economy and it makes me very sad. Of course, I’m an American, … Continue reading

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Oh God, I pray, you love the little people

  by Karl Spain If you read my blog you know I call it like I see it. And I’ve been pretty tough on President Obama and the loony liberals at the top of the State Department who are paving … Continue reading

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A prayer for peace

A moment of prayer for those of us, yes, us, that wish for peace. Another moment for our brothers and sisters, yes, our family, in Israel. Gods holy land, awash in smoke from man, warring on man. May he forgive … Continue reading

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