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The Democrats are destroying their own Party as fast as possible

The Democrats are destroying their own Party as fast as possible Communism is a failure as an economic system and even though Democrats at the Party leadership level — do not understand this — the American people do. Americans want … Continue reading

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ND Pipeline halted, so Feds can study alternate route!

ND Pipeline halted, so Feds can study alternate route! I’m having quite a month. This is exactly what I think they need to do, and this on top of Trump, and then Heitkamp, make me believe sanity has returned to … Continue reading

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A Heads up to Obama, Lynch, Heitkamp and Trump on ND Pipeline

A Heads up to Obama, Lynch, Heitkamp and Trump on ND Pipeline I know just you Faithful Five actually read me, but a man can dream. Here’s the situation, 2,100 American Military Veterans have joined the Indian tribe protesting the … Continue reading

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