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Mattis slams the MSM

Mattis slams the MSM If you a Liberal in this country right now, and are watching and/or reading traditional news sources like the WaPo, the NYT, ABC, CBS or NBC — you are being CONSISTENTLY lied to on three levels. … Continue reading

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China takes a one-two punch from Mattis and the DoD

China takes a one-two punch from Mattis and the DoD China made a fool of Obama, fool’s of their neighboring countries — and a fool of Britain with economic deception, political and military lies, widespread coercion, outright bullying, bribery and … Continue reading

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Trump’s Cabinet Genius

Trump’s Cabinet Genius Three quick points, I won’t go back over well-trod ground. All 19 will be confirmed and when they are it will bring together in power — one of the brightest and most capable group of men and … Continue reading

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Dems plan to block Mattis

Dems plan to block Mattis Trump won the election and proposed “Mad Dog” Mattis as the new SECDEF. Since Mattis has served on active duty in the last 7 years he’ll need a waiver like the one granted General Marshall, … Continue reading

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