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Trump Needs to support the Kurds

Trump Needs to support the Kurds Biden wrote a plan giving the Kurds a homeland, and only dropped the issue after being chosen by Obama. The Kurds are wonderful people. They are steadfast allies and have been incredibly patient with … Continue reading

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The Threat of Sharia Law, Islamic Terrorism, and the Muslim Religion is much more serious than revealed by MSM

The Threat of Sharia Law, Islamic Terrorism, and the Muslim Religion is much more serious than revealed by MSM Is the Muslim Religion a peaceful religion? In general, I would say yes, the problem is, if even 10% of the … Continue reading

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Trump Addresses Liberty

Trump Addresses Liberty Trump spoke to the graduating class at Liberty University this week and although some of my Democratic friends think he’s crazy – I think he sounds just like my favorite modern Democratic President, John F. Kennedy. I’ll … Continue reading

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Biden and the Kurds are correct

The piece below is being repeated BECAUSE Kurdish and Iraqi officials are now calling for a 3 state solution, obviously I agree since I wrote this years ago. I wish Biden was in this race — if he was, I … Continue reading

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An open letter to Joe Biden on Father’s Day, or, save the Druze

This is a hard letter for me to pen to you, since the passing of your beloved son is still so fresh. I wish I had words of comfort, but what written expression can ever sooth a wound so deep, … Continue reading

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I know Exactly what to do about ISIL

By Karl Spain They say there are no easy answers in the Middle East and that we have a long bitter battle ahead, and with no strategy outlined by the President or even the State Department. This can be changed … Continue reading

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