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Democrats Impeach Their Credibility

Democrats Impeach Their Credibility Democratic lawmakers called for impeachment of President Trump yesterday on the Hill – and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. They not only do not have evidence he committed a crime, they … Continue reading

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Karl’s Carrier Watch

Karl’s Carrier Watch Prognosticators watch things like electricity usage and carrier deployment – as baseline signals about what is happening on the world stage because things like this cannot be faked. If electricity usage is shrinking, or not rising fast … Continue reading

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China shows her hand on THAAD

China shows her hand on THAAD This important improvement to our radar capability in South Korea is essential to our national security, SK’s security, and Japan’s security. And the Chinese know this, hence they have been searching for a way … Continue reading

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Trump should LISTEN to McCain

Trump should LISTEN to McCain Senator John McCain (R-Arizona), the 2008 Republican presidential nominee and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said Tuesday in the wake of more Russian airstrikes in Syria that the U.S. should not place substantial … Continue reading

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