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Even the Washington Post is Aware they were duped

Even the Washington Post is Aware they were duped It’s a filthy leftist lying rag that helped along the biggest example of election fraud in U.S. history but even the WaPo is slowly waking up to fact they were duped. … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews wants to have Jared Kushner killed, or, why I Still think Trump should stop Tweeting

I Still think Trump should stop Tweeting Of course, all the Trumpeteers who hate me now because I disagree with Trump tweeting, have ammunition to fire since Chris Matthews, a Democratic narrative guy if ever I met one – speculated … Continue reading

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Germany bans my blog

Germany bans my blog I write controversial things on my blog, many of them unpopular (until they happen) because I write about the future and the future is always different then we think it should be. My blog exists because … Continue reading

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Young people know Trump is being unfairly attacked

Young people know Trump is being unfairly attacked – they probably also think Hillary and/or the DNC killed Seth Rich Reminder: Only IBD called the President’s victory in their polling. From Investor’s Business Daily: Americans overwhelmingly blame the media for … Continue reading

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Olbermann Fired from MSNBC

Olbermann Fired from MSNBC Actually, he was fired a while ago – for saying stupid shit. It obviously didn’t teach him a thing to get canned from a station so liberal they are propagandists themselves. And now we have this … Continue reading

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