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Germany bans my blog

Germany bans my blog I write controversial things on my blog, many of them unpopular (until they happen) because I write about the future and the future is always different then we think it should be. My blog exists because … Continue reading

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Is Trump backing away from Israel?

Is Trump backing away from Israel? This piece from American Thinker asks that question, read a little: “Sadly, this is another indication to Israeli supporters of Trump that despite Trump’s many campaign promises and words of support, his actions show … Continue reading

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Trump Addresses Liberty

Trump Addresses Liberty Trump spoke to the graduating class at Liberty University this week and although some of my Democratic friends think he’s crazy – I think he sounds just like my favorite modern Democratic President, John F. Kennedy. I’ll … Continue reading

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Missiles, missiles, missiles everywhere…

Missiles, missiles, missiles everywhere… North Korea – 24 Missile tests in the last 2 years. Iran – 14 Missile tests since signing the Iranian Nuclear deal. Russia – Launch of Land based Cruise Missile program — in violation of ABM … Continue reading

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Even More BAD news from Russia

Even More BAD news from Russia Putin has his eye on the Baltics, something even Obama seems to have regrettably accepted. I say this because he just sent 3,000 U.S. troops to Poland — for the first time since WWII. … Continue reading

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China strides toward War

China strides toward War Just a year ago the Chinese officially assured the U.S. they would NOT militarize any of the disputed coral reefs they are converting into islands in the South China Sea. Today, after satellite images showed that … Continue reading

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WHY Obama is wrong

On the surface it appears so simple, the country can’t go to war with a religion, that’s just lunacy. But, what if, against everything Americans believe, there existed a religion that believes the religious laws and tenets of it’s faith … Continue reading

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Hillary & Hitler

Or, how Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton’s State Department They didn’t know each other, but as this report from the International Business Times (IBT) shows, THOSE TWO have a lot in common. From IBT where the whole … Continue reading

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Our Deal with the Devil

Our Deal with the Devil The President has made a deal with Iran, hoping to curb their nuclear ambitions and encourage better behavior from them as a sovereign state. Read the following as the first CONCRETE example this was a … Continue reading

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5 Quick Items for Thought on PV’s, ISIL, Obama, The Deflationary Spiral and of course, China

  Item 1. The price of energy, which almost every relevant model uses, for sustainable energy deployment comparisons — has a built in baseline which assumes much higher fossil fuel prices than the world is experiencing. Translation: None of the … Continue reading

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