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The Democrats are destroying their own Party as fast as possible

The Democrats are destroying their own Party as fast as possible Communism is a failure as an economic system and even though Democrats at the Party leadership level — do not understand this — the American people do. Americans want … Continue reading

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The Call of the Aliyah

The Call of the Aliyah Disclaimer: I am not a Jew. I put this out there because some people will be offended that I, from my admittedly restricted point of view — dare to comment on this topic, something deeply … Continue reading

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French Wheat Crop Disaster

French Wheat Crop Disaster On the surface the report below looks like great news for American farmers who had a bumper crop last year and have a lot of grain in storage. But the truth beneath the surface is much … Continue reading

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Brexit and the PBoC

Brexit and the PBoC Brexit has won and markets are reacting badly. They had a Remain vote priced in about 90%, leaving a lot of investment $$ on the wrong side of this. It may be the biggest currency based … Continue reading

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More war clouds gather folks…

by Karl Spain From the Daily Caller, quoting McCain’s visits to Meet The Press this morning: “I’m ashamed of my country, I’m ashamed of my president and I’m ashamed of myself that I haven’t done more to help these people,” … Continue reading

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Will the Ukrainian cease-fire hold?

By Karl Spain Merkel, Kerry, Obama, Hollande, Putin, you name’em, most of them are pessimistic about the agreement they just finished hammering out on a Ukrainian cease-fire. So, that’s the view from the top, what about the little people, the … Continue reading

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Obama asks for declaration of war

Not his actual remarks, just what he should have said. I come before you the American people tonight, after 6 years in office as your president to ask for a declaration of war. Let me begin by saying The American … Continue reading

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I’m not blogging too much, the world is falling apart

What you hear described very blandly in this piece below — which I am presenting to you untouched – and as dry as toast; are the opening preparations for WWIII. Note the creation of command centers, new and scary military … Continue reading

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Capitalist, Imperialist, Christian U.S. of A. is the world’s only hope at the moment

by Karl Spain I warned my blog followers that things were moving fast in the world recently and this week was no exception. I’m very opinionated this week, so hold on. Russian backed separatists in Ukraine intensified their attacks and … Continue reading

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The Navy Has a Problem, I Have a Solution

By Karl Spain From: The Motley Fool, a bad name, but reliable data: “Multiple media sources confirm that China has already begun work on its second aircraft carrier, a sister ship to the Liaoning (PLAN CV-16), and likely to be … Continue reading

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