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Biden and the Kurds are correct

The piece below is being repeated BECAUSE Kurdish and Iraqi officials are now calling for a 3 state solution, obviously I agree since I wrote this years ago. I wish Biden was in this race — if he was, I … Continue reading

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Can it be true? al-Baghdadi killed?

Can it be true? al-Baghdadi killed? Sources in the Middle East (and The International Business Times) are reporting that ISIL leader al-Baghdadi has been killed by a drone/missile strike in Syria. If this is true we should all have a … Continue reading

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Obama NEEDS to do this

Not his actual remarks, just what he should have said. If he won’t call it an Islamic Terrorist act. I will. I come before you the American people tonight, after 7 years in office as your president to ask for … Continue reading

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More remarkably GOOD news

by Karl Spain If you read this blog, you know, I seem to focus on the unpopular news that nobody else likes but I think is important. If you read this blog you also know I have been calling for … Continue reading

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