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The Greatest Power

The Greatest Power in life is Love because God is Love and this is both a metaphysical and physical thing — so it crosses all dimensions. You can make this work for you– every day, every minute of every day … Continue reading

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Pelosi’s Gordian Knot

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has tied herself up in a Gordian Knot and cannot extricate herself — or so it seems. Every single statement she uttered concerning Impeachment — for months now — has included the word “Bi-partisan.” … Continue reading

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I’m a huge Donald Trump supporter so I suppose I should comment on his Impeachment. To be honest, and I’m sure Trump himself would be furious with me for saying this — but I’m very happy. Sounds delusional right? But … Continue reading

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Kim Jung-Un teeters on a cliff

Kim Jung Un teeters on a cliff. To Kim, who was, according to North Korean propaganda — born on a sacred mountain, under a shooting star, (he then descended, landed, and was given a private school education in Switzerland before … Continue reading

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Pelosi guesses wrong about the American people

Sometime in the months leading up to today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to make a choice. Should she open up bipartisan discussions with the president? and arrange for some votes — which had Senate and presidential support — and … Continue reading

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The Democratic Party presidential field

What a brutal picture. I have never seen such complete loserdom. “CornPop” The wizened, 76-old leader of the Democratic presidential field is suffering from the early stages of Dementia/Alzheimer’s — right in front of the nation’s TV news camera’s — … Continue reading

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