Impeachment shame

I’ve been watching the hearings. I read the Mueller report. I’m up to date on what is happening and I can honestly say, that other than the Civil War, which was the low point for Democrats in the United States, this is a close second or third.

The Mueller report did not say Russia influenced the 2016 election, it said a troll farm, which Mueller admitted he could not connect to the Russian government, ran $50,000 worth of Facebook and Internet ads, that I contend had no impact whatsoever, because most of them were not even about the election and/or it’s candidates. If you doubt this, don’t curse me, read the report itself. Don’t read what CBS, ABC or NBC TELL you second hand that it says, read the report, Mueller was very clear about what he found and what he found simply isn’t relevant. This must be a fact because Mueller was also clear that not a single American (including every single member of Trump’s campaign staff) ever had any talks, connections, meetings and/or anything whatsoever to do with any high ranking Russin government officials prior to the election. This is why the Mueller hearings were a dud. The American people understand that to collude with Russia would require at least having a single conversation with those officials.

Mueller did not examine the DNC server and did not arrest anyone at the DNC for sending it off to another country — instead of allowing the FBI to examine it, but he did SPECULATE anyway, that it was hacked by Russian government assets. Of course, any person, of even modest intellect, knows that he could not know this unless the FBI had seized it and examined it. Even if the DNC server had been hacked by Russian assets, however, no one, not Mueller, not the DNC officials and/or Clinton campaign officials have ever asserted the data leaked from that server was false. The real reason for all of this — is the murder of Seth Rich, a DNC staffer, who actually copied the files and delivered them to Wikileaks, within days of his murder. Trump’s people not only could not have known about Rich, but they also would not have murdered him to try and stop the leak, something I believe Hillary Clinton herself, ordered done.

That DNC data, those emails, are highly incriminating and the only reason DNC and Clinton campaign officials have not been charged with electioneering crimes exposed by that data — has been the fact the server was transported out of the U.S.! Democratic Party officials ignore all this and still scream about what a bad man Trump is.

Ukraine is a different story. The Bidens, Hunter and his dad did go to Ukraine, did accept bribes and payoffs from Burisma and others and did break the law attempting to use U.S. assets to influence the work of a prosecutor there. They have Joe Biden on videotape, literally explaining this. The president, aware of this, did and still does want the Ukranian government to investigate this (as he should) and that’s why we have the spectacle occurring that is currently being played out. The Democratic leadership like Shiff and Pelosi understand that if Joe Biden OR Hunter Biden (a new Dad, congrats) — a Democratic candidate for president (a front runner in many states) is arrested for this, it will hurt their chances to unseat Donald Trump in the upcoming election. Most Americans see this, but some still don’t because the American media has lied outright in its presentation of the facts around this case, over and over again. 

And just like in 1860, this campaign of lies is working, there are millions of Americans, that don’t ever search for and read primary sources — who — encouraged by these misleading news reports — believe otherwise. It’s like the South before the war, the Democratic party screamed and yelled about everything EXCEPT the main point, that slavery was wrong, right up to the point they instigated a war over it. I predict the same result, without Ft. Sumpter, but hopefully The Ameican people are not stupid enough to be taken completely in by all this like they were 150 years ago. They know asking a foreign leader to investigate a crime you have evidence occurred, is not an impeachable offense, but is in fact — the president’s responsibility. Not to mention, the actual transcript of the call, not the whistleblower’s account — dispute this happened. Even if it did happen at another, lower level — again — this is not an impeachable offense. The Democrats are dirty here and this is the only way they can defend their history on this. It’s called the wrap around smear, and if you want to see someone explain what that is, Google wrap-around-smear by Pelosi.

These lies are so transparent (to some anyway) that I predict impeachment will fail in the Senate as soon as the House lets go of it — and then I believe — Trump will be re-elected. Hopefully, the House will also switch over on Trump’s coattails and we finally will be rid of this Democratic Party leadership scum like Pelosi and Schiff, people who have harmed this county every bit as much as Jefferson Davis and the Confederates tried too.

About karlspain

20 year Newspaperman. Lifelong Inventor. Wrote 2 books so far, working on more. The Revelation, 1st book, about your brain & the universe, and math. Hooked together! God I trust, America I love, 2nd book, is the biography of Aris Mardirossian, a great man. Also owned a software company, an IT integration company, a gas station and a fuzzy logic software title along the way.
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