The Democratic Party’s Hillary problem

I’m not a doctor or even a nurse, but I can tell you — something is wrong with Hillary Clinton.

Her lies, backstabbing, and refusal to accept that she lost or that her time in politics has passed reached a new nadir this week when she repeated her completely ridiculous claims that Jill Stein — and now US Army Reserve Major Tulsi Gabbard — are Russian assets.

At first, I thought the right-wing was exaggerating this and/or fabricating it because I couldn’t imagine Hillary actually saying something so stupid. But it was true. Upon reflection, however, it isn’t even the dumbest thing she’s ever said. Hillary is single handily destroying the Democratic Party and if they don’t call her out on all this and remove her from the spotlight, she’s going to cost them more than the White House.

Why is Hillary even in the national narrative? I think I know the answer, and I’ll be honest — when others told me this was the plan (for Hillary to get in the 2020 race at some future date) I dismissed it, but I can’t dismiss it anymore because she is not rational anymore — if she ever was.

The Democrats need to wake up. Here are a few things they should agree on before proceeding, or face an election that will remind them of Reagan’s 2nd term landslide.

  1. Republicans are outraising them, everywhere, and this is the only real sign of voter enthusiasm, historically. DNC chair Tom Perez has been warning about this, but no one is listening to him.
  2. The state of Ohio always goes for the winner (except in the 1960 Nixon/Kennedy fight), and that’s because Kennedy stole Illinois. Without those shenanigans, Nixon would have won — and Ohio’s record would be perfect. Ohio is safely Trump territory at this moment. This single factor should have the Dem party trashing their agenda, and then doing internal polling day and night to redraw it, but they don’t seem to have even noticed this. It’s like the professionals who worked for the party for years, all lost their marbles at the same time.
  3. Hillary Clinton rigged the last presidential primary (Wikileaks actually proved this) and instead of insisting in court that they have the right to rig primaries if they want too (this was the DNC’s legal defense in court, look it up), the Dem Party needs to apologize to their followers and promise reform beyond what they have done with the Unity Committee. Bernie voters remember this and will never come home until a change happens. Remember, every 2 voters who stay home, are like one voting against you! I say this because the Unity Committee did not eliminate Super Delegates, they only limited them on the first ballot — meaning Hillary could reappear if the convention doesn’t have a clear winner come out of the primaries — which looks more and more likely to happen. This “surprise” would be devastating for the Dem Party and could harm it more than Nixon hurt the Republicans because he had the decency to resign, disappear, and die without ever raising his head again. Hillary is making Nixon look good.
  4. Hillary Clinton wrote a contract to control the DNC all the way through the 2016 primary — that openly flouted campaign finance law and even money laundering laws. This is not disputed, Donna Brazille details it all in her book and the contract itself is now public record. Hillary does not understand how damaging that move was, the people that sued the DNC over this are not Republicans, they are big Dem Party donors, the same ones threatening to support Trump if Warren is the candidate. How will the Democrats run all these other races without funding? How will they attack Trump without funding?
  5. Hillary Clinton illegally used her private server to conduct a pay-for-play scheme designed to enrich her and the Clinton family, through the Clinton Foundation for years — and that also collected $145 million from the same Russians she is now accusing others of being bought by. This is also not a theory, it is a proven fact. It would take a mentally disturbed person NOT to notice that she did not get away with this, but Hillary marches out there — time after time — singing this Russian Collusion song, and nobody, nobody at all, (including Mueller) or even her supporters, believes this anymore. Again, Hillary has not repented or even dissolved the Foundation, which most people would like to see happen. I even know staunch Dem Party partisans who want the Foundation scrapped, but Hillary does not ever back down, a trait she mistakenly thinks is a key to success. 
  6. Socialism/Communism is not a good idea. Even the commies themselves gave up on it as an economic plan and only use it in places like China — and even there — only for political control. Certain demographic groups can be persuaded to support this idea (Basketball players evidently) but most Americans do not. They know that even the Chinese economy went Capitalistic 25 years ago — or it would never have exploded!
  7. Open borders are also not practical and only 15% of the American population think they ever could be. Donald Trump realized this, drew attention to himself on this issue with the “I’ll Build a Wall and I’ll make Mexico pay for it” claim and boom, he was a front runner. That’s right, only 15% support open borders, which I will admit is still a startling number, but 15% of Americans think Area 51 has outer space aliens living there so…
  8. Health care for illegal immigrants is another bad-as-Hillary type idea, that is literally driving Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, even recent legal immigrants away from the Dem Party. What happened to Dem Party internal polling? Did they decide to abandon doing it — because I know that idea is not popular in any of the 50 states, in any demographic group. Not a one. But, I saw EVERY Dem candidate for president, raise their hands to the question about supporting this idea. Anybody that thinks the networks are throwing the candidates in these debates softballs is way off base. I will admit they may have thought it was a softball, but that pitch hit them in the face at 100 miles per hour.
  9. Medicare-For-All is popular as a slogan until people hear the costs, and find out that means they can’t keep their own private insurance. Then the numbers plummet.
  10. Universal Basic Income (or Socialism) is another crazy plan to collect money from people (heavy, heavy taxation), just to put it through the government’s hand so they can ostensibly hand it back to the population. People don’t like it when their taxes go up and this will not be an exception, on the contrary, people are less upset about using tax money for say infrastructure improvements than they are about social spending and UBI is the most expensive social program ever devised. Even Communism at its worst did not attempt this.
  11. The Middle Eastern wars, which rightfully belong at the Bush administration doorstep, have been swept off that stoop by Obama and Hillary — BUT — that wasn’t enough, Trump knew he needed to show the American people, he wasn’t one of the Democratic and Republican neocons pushing these wars, and by leaving Syria, and getting attacked for it — he has. Hillary always owned a big part of this mess but wasn’t paying the price politically for it — now she will if she even puts her toe in the water.
  12. Hillary had Bill Clinton down in her strategy book as an asset, a vote-getter, a reminder to the American public about how good things were during Bill’s administration economically. But nobody believes in that formula anymore and most women I know, think he is either a rapist and/or a man who used his power many times over to take advantage of way younger (Lewinsky) woman at the very least. The perjury charges, although proven, did not justify impeachment and that lesson is also lost on today’s Democrats. The public doesn’t want the government hamstrung by impeachment and the Democrats — above all — used to get that. Hillary must also be suffering from selective amnesia.

I could go on, but what’s the point. Hillary and the rest of the Democratic candidates this time, look more and more like the 20 little Emperor’s With No Clothes, only no one has had the courage to call them on it yet — except that Russian asset, US Army Reserve Major Tolstoy Gabbard.

I’ve had friends try to shame me for supporting Trump.

They should look in the mirror.

The people being made fools of  — by their own party — are not Republicans, they are Democrats.



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20 year Newspaperman. Lifelong Inventor. Wrote 2 books so far, working on more. The Revelation, 1st book, about your brain & the universe, and math. Hooked together! God I trust, America I love, 2nd book, is the biography of Aris Mardirossian, a great man. Also owned a software company, an IT integration company, a gas station and a fuzzy logic software title along the way.
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    Excellent article/analysis!

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    We all know Hillary Clinton is a sycophant who lied and cheated her way through the political system while her husband was wagging the dog and operating the ORAL office and pulling in dough for themselves. The Justice Dept has to be culled in order for mass incarceration to take place because that is what it is going to take to clean the Obama swamp..That is why everyone is being exonerated (Clinton emails) and justice is not being served.


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