9-11, nearly 20 years later…

2zuz9HEWhen I was 41, after the conclusion of a 20-year career in the newspaper business, I was watching TV one morning in Montgomery County Maryland and a kind of horror movie played out before me. The first strike was a tragedy but I was still thinking clearly. Then I saw, and heard, and felt the second strike. I stopped thinking clearly. Knowing that a civilian target in New York was under attack made my fear brain come alive, with huge resources and lightening quick insights — and also many questions opened up — opened right up in my fear brain, literally within a nano-second.


Who did this?

Are there other targets?

Do they include a secondary civilian city, like Washington D.C.?

Are they just using airplanes or is there a different kind of second wave?

I was also overcome with emotion. Compassion for the people in the building and on the ground around it. Rage, rage at the responsible power behind this attack, and rage that somebody on our side, had not prevented this.

Now, Twenty years later, I scoff at how little my old pre-9-11 self knew about the world we live in — and the real balance of power dominance battle being waged in the world, between the Muslim (Sharia Law) World, the U.S., the other Asian Pacific Rim countries, China, the EU, and Russia.

9-11 was a symptom of a collapsing post-WWII world order that has continued fragmenting to this day. Western Democracy is about balancing power within governmental institutions, a concept incompatible with Sharia Law and/or Christian (Papal Law) Legal systems. 

Religious Law and Civil Law simply cannot be combined.

Doing this, with any religion and any civilian population will always retard the growth of society — both economically (The Dark Ages), and culturally. But we can’t impose this logic on these countries that have not adopted this logic yet, they are going to have to experience religious strife (Islam) and political strife (The Chinese Communist Party) before these internal reformations are possible, and the exact nature, wording, law changes, and structure of these reformations will have to come from within their native populations, and not from anywhere else. Which is one important reason we need to control our borders, a thing Trump and the American people– both understand.

In essence, these reformations will be driven by the experiences of the people living with Sharia law and/or the CCP, and any outside force applied will just prolong the hold Sharia proponents and the CCP have on power. 9-11 was not about religion, it was about power.

The people of Hong Kong, millions of them, are willing to fight an enemy with 1000 times their strength right now because they want self-determination, as do the women protestors in Iran, the non-hajib wearing women in Iran, willing to risk imprisonment, rather than continue living with the suppression of woman, that Sharia Law, the religion of Islam, and both Shia and Shitte Muslim sects religious doctrine specifically allows.

Trump can make a deal with the Taliban, but it will just start this whole process –which did not begin on 9-11, all over one more time. Because the Sharia law legal systems will continue to oppress women and keep female children out of school and the rest of the world will continue to protest this. A legal system that defines women as less important than men, as Sharia Law does, must either completely eliminate all other legal systems and/or change.

The Muslim Brotherhood was not kidding with its title. Ilan Omar is an anomaly, she would be stoned in almost every Sharia law country for her behavior as an American Congressperson. This reformation process in the places she would be killed and/or stoned for adultery — will take a long time, but this splitting of religious and civil legal power is the only way to solve this problem at the root, meanwhile, the US must remain vigilant and continue to learn, both from our adversaries and from our experiences. 

About karlspain

20 year Newspaperman. Lifelong Inventor. Wrote 2 books so far, working on more. The Revelation, 1st book, about your brain & the universe, and math. Hooked together! God I trust, America I love, 2nd book, is the biography of Aris Mardirossian, a great man. Also owned a software company, an IT integration company, a gas station and a fuzzy logic software title along the way.
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  1. ageless says:

    and how does China fit into the opinion piece on religion and government? They ban its influence and discourage its existence.

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