Can support for this President, be racist in and of itself? or, how much I love Dan Rupli…

Can support for this President, be racist in and of itself? or, how much I love Dan Rupli…

I love Dan Rupli.

I ran his campaign once, years ago, for a state district seat. We lost the election but came to love and respect each other, even though he knew I was a Republican, after all, we had discussed and preserved together, we understand and respect each other — he knew, and supported — Martin Luther King!, he resigned from the Justice Department to protest the Southern Strategy — and is for a thousand other purely human reasons — is a wonderful guy with a beautiful family.

But Dan’s not perfect.

Because he is also a Democratic Party partisan (and proud of it) through and through. Which is fine with me. I’m bored to death of the “Orange Man Bad” stuff but I understand partisan political zeal and accept it as part of the price-tag part of free speech, this is also a group I put myself in, I’m a Constitutional partisan, meaning I usually support the Constitutional choice, where there is one, and generally the Libertarian choice otherwise.

Many people do not appreciate the part of Trump’s appeal that gets enthusiasm from Libertarians like myself, which is rooted in his Constitutional Appeal. Just the change Trump has wrought, in the nation’s Judicial Center of Balance in the Federal Courts, is breathtaking.

Even if I disagreed with Trump on other issues, which I generally do not, his impact here has been astounding all by itself. For many Libertarians like myself, the direction the Courts have been taking for 25 years now, has been dismaying. Trump (and McConnell, to be fair) has almost single-handily reversed this very dangerous direction the Federal Courts were barreling down — of ignoring the Constitution — for the sake of some Judicial Remedy that was bureaucratic, governmental and/or regulatory in nature.

All of which, of course, my friend Dan, supported.

I am a supporter of Donald Trump’s. This bothers Dan, but I’ll let him speak for himself, this is from a recent message regarding yesterday’s post:

Hi Karl:

First of all I don’t see any signs of Nancy “flying apart” and Trump did us a great favor last week in his racist attacks on the members of the “squad”, with whom Nancy had also been having some difficulties. The Democrats now are unified in protecting these four young women of color against the brutal bullying that they have taken from Trump without “embracing Socialism”, or any other such Republican bull-crap.


Regarding the subject of racism, I would pose a sensitive question:


You know I hold you in great personal esteem and affection in spite of our political differences. I wonder how a considerate person like you (who I know are not a racist) can remain silent about a man whose racist policies and beliefs have become a legacy and have long since eclipsed the last rabid racist to occupy the White House-Woodrow Wilson.

If I believed, like you, that Trump was an exceptional, ethical, truthful, and level headed leader I would still have to oppose his reelection because of his racism alone.


Regards, DAN RUPLI


I love Dan, so I wrote back:


Hi Dan,

I love you Dan and I think of you often, and your beautiful family. God bless all of you.


I am not a racist, and you are correct, I don’t think Trump is either.


There are so many things wrong with your question, it’s hard to know where to begin. But I do love you, so I will try my best to explain what I mean by that.


Examine your position, slow down for a minute, read these next few sentences a few times out loud and ask yourself after you have done that — is there any logic to your position whatsoever? And this is because you are urging me to withhold political support for a candidate (he’s running again!) because YOU think he’s a racist.

A man you have never met, a man who you will admit, you openly mocked just 3 years ago, and a man you have been dead wrong about — on every important subject I have written about concerning him, over and over.


You are saying that you have examined the public record as I have and that YOUR judgment about whether you actually know what is going on inside his head — is so superior to mine, I’m supposed to change my position and/or vote. So much so, that you want me to ignore the list of policy positions I agree with him on, and also ignore the policy position disagreements I have with his opposition.

Here is a short reminder of what I mean:


The biggest issue of the day, Immigration, has Trump for a Wall, merit-based immigration, and the rule of law. Every single Democratic candidate for president, those that won and those that didn’t for the last 50 years have all declared allegiance to those same ideas.

BUT, when Trump says those words, instead of Obama or Clinton, he’s a racist.


I don’t think he’s a racist Dan, I think the people accusing him of this have a political motive.

Tax Reform – I authored, you delivered to Hillary and Bill, a package which stated as a fact — with supporting documentation, that the corporate tax rate was a phony, needed reform and predicted that if Hillary embraced TAX REFORM as a theme of her election campaign, she would win.


You and I did this together, you know I am not lying and/or exaggerating, it was a beautiful paper, full of meat, and it said directly, she needed this issue to win, she ignored the paper and paid the price, this did not happen because Trump is a racist, I predicted she would lose, with that paper you read and delivered to them — before we knew who her opponent was.


I was right, then Trump won (promising tax reform!!!!) got it done, and the part of that paper which was not dealt with, how corporations get around this by cheating, remains a problem.


You cannot talk about it, I can not talk about it, no one can talk to Trump about issues, because you have decided he is a racist and don’t want to talk policy and or compromise.


Shame on Pelosi and shame on the D party, I am not a racist, but I can see a great opportunity to help people of color (the Trump economic burst) NOT being taken advantage of by a party bent on socialism, self-destruction and in the case of AOC, idiocy.


The Democratic Party right now, stands for 3rd-trimester abortion, which I believe to be murder, open borders, which I believe to be insanity, healthcare for the immigrants who cross those open borders, which is insanity on meth, and more unlimited wars in the middle east, which I want to be stopped. The Dem party is also coincidentally for higher taxes.


These positions are insane and the Party will not be happy with the result of adopting them.


Of course, I would not word my tweets the way he does — because I am not the genius he is. Trump realized the mainstream media was against him, he realized the media would try everything they could to smear him and more importantly lie about his opposition.


The vast majority of America does not understand the 4 young women of color as you called them at all. They are a vile steaming crap pile of socialist stupidity, bigotry, and Islamic jihad-ism. Trump has made sure, in a way only he would have thought of, that those vile ideologies of theirs, will be fully examined form now on, he’s put their brand on the Democratic party and it will crush them in the next election. 


Right now I have him at 338 electoral votes and that means, millions of Americans who voted for Obama, voted for Trump and are going to do it again.


These people are not racists Dan, and your insistence that this must be true diminishes your argument, rather than enhances it. No one knows another man’s mind, the best we can do is judge them on their actions, and I think his actions as President, from N. Korea to regulations and the jobs economy focus, have all been beneficial.


I bring all this up in the vlog today because I think it’s an important question and because I think it’s related to what I originally planned to write about today, which was “Cocaine” Mitch McConnell’s response to all this racism talk.



Fox Business News Host Maria Bartiromo asked McConnell for his response to Trump’s comments that prompted the crowd to chant “send her back” about Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, who came to the United States as a refugee.

“He’s right about ‘the squad’ wanting to turn us into a socialist country,” McConnell said, referring to the four progressive congresswomen Trump has targeted in recent days. “What he should have added, however, is that it’s a lot broader than just the four of them . . . I think the president’s onto something.”

McConnell also said it was time to “lower the rhetoric,” referring to claims of racism leveled against him by New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, stating, “Everyone knows that’s nonsense.”

I wish Dan was watching all this with as much humor as I am.

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