My July 4th disappointment II

After yesterday’s post, I was contacted by one of the great civil rights attorneys in this country and asked if I could provide specific examples of conservative voices being silenced. I went on the Internet and asked for help cataloging this and here is the first list!

From Anonymous: “I would advice (sic) you watch project veritas and how they exposed google after the (sic) exposed Pinterest. Then after they were exposed an email stating certain individuals some of Jewish backgrounds were labeled as Nazis. After this was also brought to light every social media deleted all posts about it from Facebook to YouTube and even here (Reddit).”

Alex Jones was de-platformed from multiple sites all on the same day, an example of coordinated suppression. I don’t like Alex Jones, but he has first amendment rights and they are being violated.

From Anonymous; “Tim Pool covers this (suppression and de-platforming) regularly, his videos should be able to give you a comprehensive list.”

“Watch the Jimmy Dore, Tim Pool. Actually, Caitlyn Johnson is another good source.”

“James Woods is a prime example.”

“Alex Jones being de-platformed everywhere almost simultaneously. We here (Reddit, the_donald) are a prime example. And there are massive block lists designed to abuse platform rules to report/cause victim’s accounts to be suspended and locked out. Some sites for this activity have .org status, easy to do a search and find them. The victims are everyday citizens that support Trump, which makes them a target. I should think the attorney would reach out for victims to contact him/her, once things get started. Maybe a class action suit?”

“Tom Fitton can probably provide a comprehensive list.”


[–]littleirishmaidUSA 2 points 6 hours ago
Do a search for suspended or banned in this sub. You’ll find a lot of examples.

Thank you, Internet friends! Of all the things the left has done over the last 5 years, this suppression of thought campaign through social media de-platforming is the potentially most sinister in my opinion.

Her is a list of links to stories about this on Reddit and other platforms:

From anonymous: “You cannot even mention Tommy Robinson’s name on Youtube without being demonetized, deranked and shadowbanned. His name is filtered in their algorithm, same as Alex Jones’ name is on Facebook. There is also extensive abuse of the copyright system to both remove content they don’t like and straight up steal whatever they can.

Youtube – My video on Hillary Clinton using Child Actors. If you go to youtube and use their own search bar for the term “Hillary Clinton Child Actor” my video doesn’t show up. It’s been shadow banned. Here’s the link to my video:

From Anonymous: Being a software developer, I’ve been able to excuse a lot of claims against Google of political bias for various reasons. With technology, sometimes things look one way by coincidence.

But since the other day when I found that Google completely excludes /r/The_Donald (the subreddit itself) from normal search results… You can’t really explain that one as anything else.

It’s a shame, because the large handful of times I’ve used Bing over the past years, it’s never given me a useful search result even once. But Google always delivers. I’ll be trying to DDG to see how it measures up.

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