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Democrats attempt debates, implode instead… The link above will take you a map of the electoral college, which I currently have at 338 for Trump on election day, 2020, and is this mainly because the president has done what he promised to do while … Continue reading

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Adam Schiff is a piece of shit…

How do I know this? This week he called for war with a country (Iran) for shooting down an unmanned drone. This is the same country we mistakenly shot down an airliner full of people from (also Iran) and who … Continue reading

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Trump “Listens to everybody…”

No, that’s not (just) Karl’s opinion, it’s a statement made today by Congressman Matt Cartwright, a Pennslyvania Democrat. Pennslyvania is a key state Trump needs for re-election and in my opinion, he is ahead there by 4 to 5 points. … Continue reading

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Pfizer and the country’s Anti-trust problem

Pfizer, according to a Washington Post article this week, ignored evidence a drug it makes and markets, Enbrel, had promise against a terrible scourge, Alzheimer’s. The story, by Christopher Rowland, has a dramatic lede; “A team of researchers inside Pfizer … Continue reading

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