How I knew…

Two years ago ( I wrote about the conspiracy, mounted by agents of Hillary Clinton, and President Barack Obama, to eavesdrop, illegally, via the FISA process, on Donald Trump. I did not have the details because the report was heavily redacted, but I was close.

At that time, I disclosed how I knew this was true and invited people to read — the then just released FISA report, which was the source of my knowledge.

The link below is to a news article about that FISA report, and contains a link to it, in the article, along with some other great links. The article is written by the legendary sundance.

If you have been foolishly telling me for years that Hillary and Obama were the victims, along with the rest of America, by a Putin plot to gain influence over Trump by blackmail, and the Mueller report has not convinced you are full of poo poo, you should take the time out of your life and read the FISA report. It’s as clear as day in there what happened — a court full of Obama appointed judges wrote a report describing their realization — the FISA process was being abused by higher-ups in the US government. This abuse was so serious, the program designed to protect us from terrorism — was temporarily shut down.

I also predicted in another piece a few weeks after that May 2017 piece, that some heavy hitters in the DOJ, the FBI, and the White House, would eventually be arrested and go to jail. I stand by that prediction, and if you will take the time to click this link and read the report, you’ll know why I feel this way. I’m putting the link to this article explaining the report (and the report link) because sundance does a great job explaining the terminology in the report — that dense terminology is the main reason it has gotten so little play in the press, it was hard to understand, it took me hours to decode it originally 2 years ago.

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