Pelosi says it’s a Republican call for impeachment!

Nancy Pelosi, despite being a truly wicked creature, is highly intelligent, and she knows she’s in a hell of a jam this year.

The giant propaganda lie (Russian Collusion) her cabal had pedaled to the American people, ala the pee pee dossier by Steele, was not ONLY untrue and prove-ably a creation of the Clintons — it was also — most importantly in this game of thrones — falsifiable.

Uh Oh. This means no impeachment and maybe some jail terms for the lower rung ladder people like Susan Rice and/or Samantha Power (plus Strozok) that carried it out, but more importantly, it means Pelosi needs a way out.

Trump has her surrounded. It’s impeachment without evidence for the Dems — which gets Pelosi completely crushed with the electorate, we’re talking a 60 seat swing here in 2020 or ADMIT defeat and order the progressive wing of her party, which she does not control, to be silent. She’s looking like Custer, but at Little Big Horn, not the Battle of the Wilderness.

How do I know this? because today, Pelosi silently surrendered. Today, her team announced, from all its various orifices, which tend to act in such a tight concert it’s creepy, that she resisting impeachment (wait for it) because impeaching Donald J. Trump, a Republican president, is actually a Republican idea. You can’t make this shit up, no one would believe you. Here is our own Jamie Raskin, faithfully playing flute.

“They would love to drive this to an impeachment, because they think it will be their political salvation,” said Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), a Judiciary Committee member, said of Republicans. I got this quote from The Hill, which is a Democratic party narrative trial balloon machine but the word is out everywhere, it isn’t Democrats who want Trump impeached, it’s those tricky Republicans. The thing is, Pelosi has vast experience with her base, she has lied to them on a spectacular scale before and gotten away with it, and they do believe in things which are simply fiction, but even her badly deluded and diluted base is not going to buy this. That’s only the first problem with this silent surrender strategy.

The second problem is they aren’t just wrong about what happened with Trump during the election, they are wrong about which side actually conspired against the Constitution — and the very investigations Pelosi is championing as a substitute for impeachment –will only lead back into her Party and point the finger at it’s leaders and former leaders.

I can’t wait to read his tweets about this, you can bet, he’ll notice. 


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