Keep it up Nancy!

Now she wants Attorney General Barr to resign!

Nancy Pelosi is comically off base, but I think she should keep pressing her case.

She seems to have no idea — no idea at all, a complete lack of self-awareness, about how damaging her attacks on SCOTUS judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump, and now Attorney General Bill Barr — have been to the Democratic Party base in the swing districts. The midterms gave her a very false sense of how tired the American people are of this Russia-gate lie, particularly now that they’ve heard from SC Robert Mueller and AG Barr.

What happened to the Democratic Party polling machine? At one time in this country, it was the best, Democratic pollsters routinely turned out excellent work that preceded the public’s shift in opinion, sometimes with remarkable accuracy. But that is just not true anymore. Pelosi continues to take positions that have been proven to be unfounded, unpopular and/or both! This has been happening now for over 3 years and if it continues, it will alienate her base even more, literally cleave it in two AND diminish both remaining pieces. Either her polling teams are giving her really bad data, which is what I suspect, or else she is ignoring good data, which I highly doubt.

The DCCC is so butthurt over this party split problem they have enacted (I’m not making this up) a rule that will eventually be ruled illegal. This is the rule: If you, a political consultant, help a progressive candidate, mount a primary challenge to an incumbent Democratic Congressman or woman, you are forever barred from working with and/or receiving assistance and/or employment with the DCCC, and to the extent they influence this; with any arm of the Democratic Party. I’m not kidding, that is the new DCCC rule — incumbents only — or NEVER work again.

If we look objectively, at the level of public engagement (Democratic candidates are getting smaller crowds than blood drives), media coverage responses (CNN is less watched than the shopping channels), Republican internal polling (Swing districts are virtually all leaning red) and the prediction abilities and policy statements of the Dem parties national leaders — the Democratic Party is in the greatest state of chaos since they lost the Civil war. Which is a good thing.

The Party lost its momentum under Bush, crashed and burned under Obama and is now attempting to double down on the Hillary Clinton fiasco. Keep up the good work Nancy, you are literally destroying the Democratic Party faster than the Republicans ever could!

About karlspain

20 year Newspaperman. Lifelong Inventor. Wrote 2 books so far, working on more. The Revelation, 1st book, about your brain & the universe, and math. Hooked together! God I trust, America I love, 2nd book, is the biography of Aris Mardirossian, a great man. Also owned a software company, an IT integration company, a gas station and a fuzzy logic software title along the way.
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1 Response to Keep it up Nancy!

  1. AgelessMD says:

    As i have repeatedly said, Trump is the luckiest politician to have ever lived in my opinion. Despite his uncanny accurate instincts, no one with his personality could be elected by the general population UNLESS the opposition is criminal, insane, or clownishly incompetent. Welcome to a second term Mr. President. Enjoy Homer Simpson’s Democratic party opposition.

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