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Reporters that loved Obama, failed this country, again…

The mainstream media got hoodwinked by false intel during the Bush administration and then got hoodwinked again, as a result of a Barack Obama personality cult — and that means America, has not gotten any straight, honest, unbiased reporting on … Continue reading

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How I knew…

Two years ago ( I wrote about the conspiracy, mounted by agents of Hillary Clinton, and President Barack Obama, to eavesdrop, illegally, via the FISA process, on Donald Trump. I did not have the details because the report was heavily … Continue reading

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Democrats have a better legal team

For most of my life, I’ve watched the Democratic Party use the US courts brilliantly. Liberals like to litigate and conservatives hate to litigate — and this had become a national issue. The Democrats and the Democratic Party, in general, … Continue reading

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1984 finally gets here…

YouTube, Google, and Twitter are all far left media outlets run at the top layer, by leadership so liberal, they simply do not even understand the U.S. Constitution. For months now, they have been banning conservatives who use these platforms … Continue reading

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You can hear the fear…

When you listen to top Democrats, speak publicly over the coming weeks and months, listen carefully when they mention “The investigation of the investigators…” on the Trump/Russia collusion nothing burger and you will be able to literally hear the fear … Continue reading

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Huge Infrastructure Package Coming

A $2T infrastructure package would represent a big deal, even by the ever-expanding standards in DC, where in my lifetime a $2B deal was still significant. But I see that deal happening and happening soon. The Freedom caucus will squawk … Continue reading

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Pelosi puzzles me…

I’m obviously not a fan of the leadership of the Democratic party at this time, as anyone who reads this space knows, but I will admit, their conduct since the Mueller report was released — has me very puzzled. Nancy … Continue reading

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Two of these 5 statements are Lies

The New York Times, in a highlighted editorial board editorial, admitted Trump was right today on immigration, further admitted there is a crisis at the border — and URGED the Democrats in Congress to give him what he wants on … Continue reading

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Pelosi says it’s a Republican call for impeachment!

Nancy Pelosi, despite being a truly wicked creature, is highly intelligent, and she knows she’s in a hell of a jam this year. The giant propaganda lie (Russian Collusion) her cabal had pedaled to the American people, ala the pee … Continue reading

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Keep it up Hillary!

On Rachel Maddow’s show this week, ( Hillary explained to Maddow, that she has spoken with “most of the Democratic candidates”, to warn them, that they can do everything right, and win the nomination — and still have it all … Continue reading

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