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Trump builds the Sanders brand

Some of my friends have actually disowned me over my support of Donald Trump. I know, this is preposterous sounding and when my “friends” behave this way, it always surprises me, it always catches me across the face like I … Continue reading

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Trump needs to back Gabbard Pot Bills

Tulsi Gabbard is running for president against Donald Trump. As a Progressive Democrat. Nevertheless, he should announce (I say this respectfully) that he will sign (if it passes) two new marijuana bills introduced by Gabbard. Why? because this is what … Continue reading

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A war with Russia is what they want…

Through all the Russia-gate noise, I saw the usual grasp for power. But another agenda has emerged and it’s a troubling one. The media, the Democratic Party and the globalist elite making up the liberal neo-con movement all seem bent … Continue reading

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The Democrats roll snake-eyes

Having lost a presidential race against an opponent they underestimated, the Clinton Coup team took a gamble, and the Mueller probe was launched. They gambled, that an investigation, done deep, done dirty–  and done by a political hack of the … Continue reading

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Thank You, President Trump

Thank You, President Trump. Thank You for not colluding with Russia. Thank You that not a single person connected with you, or for that matter — any American — colluded with Russia. Not that I have anything against Russians! Thank … Continue reading

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I Agree with Pelosi

I agree with Nancy Pelosi. I don’t know whether that makes me finished as a blogger or her finished as Speaker, but it’s a first. Generally, I watch her interviews, like the one she did on 60 Minutes this weekend, … Continue reading

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Pelosi’s Big Problems

I used to wonder why Nancy Pelosi went to such lengths to assure she didn’t get any surprise primary challenges and suddenly I know why she was so careful. She won the midterm, but it was a phyric victory. The … Continue reading

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Free Chelsea Manning

via Free Chelsea Manning

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Free Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning is in jail, right across the river in Virginia — for Contempt of Court. This is especially ironic, because the people jailing her, are the ones actually demonstrating contempt for the law. When Manning was a he, he … Continue reading

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