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Democratic Party attack against Trump will now start to backfire

Incoming House intelligence chair: We “have a compelling interest in making sure that U.S. policy is not driven by leverage that the Russians have over the president.” This is the kind of nonsense Americans have had to endure for 2 … Continue reading

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Pelosi swerves toward bipartisanship?

Nancy Pelosi gave a victory speech the other night that swerved so hard from anything she’s ever said before, I had to play it back a few times to believe it. She called for Unity. She called for peace with … Continue reading

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Jeff Sessions needed to be removed

I like Jeff Sessions, I think he is a smart man and a fair man. But his performance as Attorney General of the United States was a huge disappointment. Mueller, Rosenstein, Strzok, Page, Ohr, all of them seemed immune to … Continue reading

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The President needs a new press arrangement

The President looked bad on TV and the press were partially responsible. They attacked and attacked — and he responded — and even though Jim Acosta came off looking worse — the President of the United States still had to … Continue reading

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Warren wins, but why?

Elizabeth Warren has won election to her Senate seat, by a 56% to 44% margin and it makes me wonder, why do the good people of Massachusetts put up with her? Some politicians win and I never know why and … Continue reading

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It’s a new day in America

It’s a new day in America. God is in his glory and loves this country enough to guide it through thick and thin and the midterm election yesterday was another example of that. As I predicted (almost) the Republicans picked … Continue reading

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