2 Responses to Bezos’ goes after Kavanaugh, Ford’s witness, the one she named, does not back up the account

  1. agelessmd says:

    I am deeply saddened by these events.
    The Diane Fienstein orchestrated slander at the “final moment” by using an emotionally disturbed woman from Californian is further proof, though none was needed, of just how pathetic the Democrats have become. There are a number of Republicans who are worthless and even damaging to the country, but they just can’t rise to the level of intentional national destruction demonstrated by Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein, Waters, Kamala and the like.
    I always thought Harry Reid was going to be viewed as the century’s personification of politicians literally murdering our country – think Yucca Mountain. I now know that bigger villains are rising; ones with the Constitution and our previously guaranteed liberties in their sights.

    The Thomas and Bork hearings were a national embarrassment. The politicians who knowingly created the faux controversies are villains and traitors to our country. Sotomayor was a horrible choice, a mistake we all must bear for decades due to the false imperative at the time of “needing” a diversity box check for “female Hispanic”. We should have learned our lesson! How will we get well qualified thoughtful jurists to agree to accept this job if they know in advance they will be coated in mud by politicians who value their approval ratings above the country’s future?

    The Montana democrat who knowingly smeared Dr Ronnie Jackson’s name because of anti-Trump fervor is a coward who publicly lied about a national hero who served his country for decades at the highest levels (some of which are still classified and will never be known). That cowardly Congressman will never be held accountable for ruining a good man’s reputation for political sport. His statements were unsubstantiated lies… and with his disgusting brethren of demons, the nation is continually pushed into a weaker place.

    Now we have John Kerry, a former Secretary of State with a nearly universally acknowledged failed career, giving direct solace to Iran through personal meetings in an effort to salvage his horrendous Iran Deal that the current President of the United States invalidated. That is treasonous on its face. He is a disgrace equal to Hillary Clinton now.That is saying a lot!!!

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