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Schumer Rescues Trump

President Donald J. Trump has had a great two years. Too great. The public was “uncomfortable” with how fast things were changing and wanted a “check” on presidential powers. A lot of people were thinking: A tax cut? Great! Another … Continue reading

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The Kavanaugh Arrests

I predict the Kavanaugh nomination process ends up getting a lot of people arrested for more than protesting improperly. Julie Swetnick, who I went to Gaithersburg High School with, (I was class of 1978) will probably be first. I won’t … Continue reading

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Democratic leadership commits mass suicide

The Democrats currently holding power in the United States made a strategic blunder of historic proportion by attacking SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh in an unfair, cowardly, and obviously coordinated smear campaign that was carefully orchestrated to occur after the nomination … Continue reading

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Chuck Schumer Fails the Leadership Test

Chuck Schumer waited patiently to be the Democratic Party leader in the Senate, and it looks like that wait was for nothing, because he is not a leader. Thirty percent of his own party doesn’t know who he is. Twenty … Continue reading

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What is the NVC movement?

NVC stands for Non-Violent Communication. The movement has at its core the practice of alternative communication, meaning communication that is not threatening, not coercive, not abusive and/or centered in the power relationship between the two participants, but the process of … Continue reading

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Chuck Grassley is an American hero

Chuck Grassley is living proof that an 85-year-old man can not only be a great American hero but that he can continue to produce sensational new heroics daily. There’s only one thing I would change about the esteemed Senator from … Continue reading

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Kavanaugh Whip Count

I think he has Collins, Murkowski, Manchin, Heitkamp, and Donnelly. Lindsey Graham called this when he said the count was at 54 or 55 right now. The great Chuck Grassley will move him along on schedule unless a hurricane directly … Continue reading

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Jerusalem and Taiwan

Jerusalem was the capital of Israel, by their own decision, years ago, it’s recognition of such, was withheld by the US — as a bargaining chip, and it turned out to be a worthless one. Trump’s simple reversal of this … Continue reading

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Something Big has changed, Obama off the sideline

Something Big has changed Football season began this week. AND Obama is off the sideline. The ex-president went directly after the sitting president this week, in a live speech. Aside from the fact that it is a breach of political … Continue reading

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