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Heitkamp’s Dilemma, Schumer is an idiot

I warned Heidi Heitkamp to switch parties before Kevin Cramer changed his mind, and decided to leave the House — to run against her. She should have listened. Now she’s in a horrible, horrible spot. If she doesn’t meet with, … Continue reading

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Trump gets boost from Pelosi

November is just around the corner and Donald Trump has been very reserved — lately — in his attacks on Nancy Pelosi, and I think I know why. He doesn’t want her to quit her leadership post within the Democratic … Continue reading

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Trump’s meeting with Putin was a turning point in history

  Trump is not a traitor. He did not commit treason by having a meeting with a foreign leader and giving that leader the benefit of the doubt. If this is treason, then Obama was Benedict Arnold. The people claiming … Continue reading

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