The Main Stream Media lies about Trump obsessively

The Main Stream Media lies about Trump obsessively

I’ve written repeatedly about how the MSM lies about Trump. His statements, his actions, and his intentions, like the day they filled every headline inch with his declaration about Jerusalem BUT completely forgot to mention he told Saudi Arabia that same day — to remove the food blockade starving the Yemeni people to death. Trump is a great president and a great humanitarian; you just have to look beyond the reporting of the MSM to find the evidence.

I’ve written extensively about how they tell the lie of omission, where they simply don’t report on the great things he is doing.

Pay attention this weekend during the news show cycle and I promise you’ll hear a lot about that proven liar James Comey BUT they won’t say a word about the great things the president is doing, while this man Comey publishes a book that is an embarrassment to the FBI, an embarrassment to the United States and an embarrassment to Comey himself — while revealing exactly nothing the POTUS had done either illegally, or even unethically.

What did the president do this week that they WILL NOT report?

Take a look at this report from the Daily Caller about the president’s brilliant and humane move this week — that frankly does not benefit him politically in any whatsoever — but of course, was the right thing to do.

TDC — The Bureau of Prisons is now making it easier for inmates to gain nationally-accredited trade apprenticeships while incarcerated.

Thanks to a directive from President Trump, the BOP and the Department of Labor (DOL) have worked together to develop standardized trade apprenticeship criteria for inmates, which allows them to graduate the programs with nationally-recognized certificates. The BOP says these certificates are “a significant improvement over the current state-level certifications being provided, that will enhance inmates’ ability to secure meaningful employment following release.”

The criteria for the new BOP programs include occupational safety and wellness education and a curriculum that follows federal and state regulations. The plan is a result of Trump’s June 2017 executive order titled “Executive Order Expanding Apprenticeships in America,” which aims “to promote affordable education and rewarding jobs for American workers.”

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