Iran Nuclear Deal is the dominant threat to Israel’s existence

Iran Nuclear Deal is the dominant threat to Israel’s existence

Probably the dumbest thing ever done by a modern American president was the Iran nuclear deal.

It gave Iran billions in cash for perpetuating proxy wars, building highly advanced missile systems, suppressing their own people, attacking Israel and destabilizing the world – in exchange for delaying their nuclear program by an undetermined — but probably — very short time.

Trump didn’t go right at Iran when elected, because frankly that would have been illegal under the terms of the deal — and not smart for other reasons.

Trump is very smart.

BUT he has not been asleep at the wheel — or blind to who and what the mullahs are — which is murderous religious fanatics bent of the destruction of this country, it’s people and it’s value systems.

The first and most brilliant thing Trump did right off the bat was to get Saudi Arabia firmly moving in the right direction. Trump also re-joined the fight Israel has been waging quietly (and not so quietly) for years – and then — upped the ante.

Trump also put the American energy sector back in the game to strangle Iran’s (and Russia’s) FOREX finances — and that is working beautifully.

Next — I predict he goes after the Houthi’s, an Iranian terror proxy in Yemen. Lebanon will get some attention as well.

Day by day, Trump is chipping away at Iran, pushing the crazy regime mullahs back where they belong, in a grave, spewing nonsense in a desert mosque, or into the history books from the dark ages – from whence they came.

Obama created a mess in Iran (and North Korea) that I was sure it would take decades to fix — and now it looks like Trump might have both situations under control before the next election.

This is a miracle frankly and I hope the American people understand and appreciate this – because the American press, corrupt to the core – most certainly does not. Here is an AP story quoting a man who does understand the threat:


The head of Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency is “100 percent certain” that Iran remains committed to developing a nuclear bomb and believes the international community must change or scrap its nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic.

Yossi Cohen, who leads the shadowy spy agency, has been holding discussions about the Iranian nuclear program and delivered his assessment in a recent closed meeting with senior officials, according to a person who attended the meeting.

Cohen called the nuclear deal a “terrible mistake,” saying it allows Iran to keep key elements of its nuclear program intact and will remove other restraints in a few years. “Then Iran will be able to enrich enough uranium for an arsenal of nuclear bombs,” Cohen said, according to the meeting participant, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was discussing a classified security matter.

Cohen also criticized the decision to lift sanctions on Iran, saying it has resulted in “significantly increased” aggression by Iran, and noted Iran’s continued development of long-range ballistic missiles.

“As head of the Mossad, I am 100 percent certain that Iran has never abandoned its military nuclear vision for a single instant. This deal enables Iran to achieve that vision,” Cohen said. “That is why I believe the deal must be completely changed or scrapped. The failure to do so would be a grave threat to Israel’s security.”

Cohen’s comments come amid an intense international discussion about the future of the 2015 nuclear deal, in which Iran agreed to curbs and inspections on its nuclear program in exchange for relief from international sanctions. His analysis aligns closely with that of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a time the Israeli leader is hopeful that President Donald Trump can negotiate changes to the deal.

The issue has sparked some debate inside Israel’s security community, with some voices pointing to positive aspects of the deal in that it has delayed Iran’s nuclear development . Trump has set a mid-May deadline for changes while also threatening to withdraw from the deal.

However, it remains unclear whether a compromise can be reached, and how Iran would react. Trump’s disdain for the deal has been a welcome development for Netanyahu. The Israeli leader was a leading opponent of the deal, saying it did not contain sufficient safeguards to prevent Iran from reaching the capability to develop nuclear weapons as the agreement’s restrictions expire.

Israel and Iran are arch enemies, and Israel has identified Iran as its top threat, citing the nuclear program, its hostile rhetoric, support for anti-Israel militant groups and its development of long-range missiles.

Yet the deal has also set off debate within Israel’s security ranks. As head of a powerful agency and a close aide to Netanyahu, Cohen is an influential voice. Yet other officials, both active and former, have taken a more nuanced approach by focusing on the positive aspects of the deal.

In a recent interview, Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot told the Haaretz newspaper that he knows of no violations of the nuclear deal by Iran, though he said Israel is closely watching and assuming Iran can operate secretly.

“If its intentions change, we will know. Right now the agreement, with all its faults, is working and is putting off realization of the Iranian nuclear vision by 10 to 15 years,” he was quoted as saying.

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