Jeff Sessions is an American Hero

The left HATES Jeff Sessions, they think he’s a racist, a charge they have zero evidence for, like so much of their platform.

The right HATES the AG, because they think he is dragging his feet and failing to prosecute the obviously criminal Hillary Clinton.

His own Department, the DOJ, hates Jeff Sessions, because so many of them are either card-carrying members of the Deep State, or partisan holdovers from the Obama feel good era, where proclamations by the AG and the president literally became expedient but popular substitutes for the law.

Drug dealers, human traffickers and criminals in general — hate Jeff Sessions because he has arrested and/or deported so many of them — in such a short period of time.

Even prosecutors around the country — hate Jeff Sessions, because they don’t want to do the hard work (their jobs) go to court and use the legal system as it was designed, they want to play “Lets make a deal” instead, and rack up 99% conviction records, with which they plan to run for political office.

Even president Trump — who appointed Sessions! — has put some heat on the AG for recusing himself from the Russian investigation, which led to the appointment of Mueller.

But the simple fact is, Sessions is doing a great job with a singular focus on SERVING the one group of people he swore an oath to, the American people.

With the American people, Sessions has been faithful, hard-working , and loyal to a fault. His recusal was necessary. His decision to rescind the Obama and Holder era sentencing guideline memo (and Pot memo) and other atrocities is right on point legally. Sessions is attempting, against a lot of head wind and with impeccable procedures, to restore the faithfulness of the DOJ, to the letter of the law, and although he is getting kicked from every side for doing it — this man is right and is simultaneously righteous.

I know my liberal friends hate him, I know my conservative friends hate him. I know the law breakers and the DOJ deep state operatives hate him. Maybe that’s why I love him, because I know deep down, anybody getting this much heat, and staying in the game anyway, isn’t in this for the popularity — but because he believes in something and that something is the intersection of the constitution, the American people’s interest — and God.

God bless you Jeff Sessions, keep up the good work. You may not have a lot of fans, but I am an enthusiastic one.

Here is his statement today on the “migrant caravan”, and once again, it’s not fancy, but it’s full of truth that is good for this country.

“Earlier this week, media outlets reported that a so-called ‘migrant caravan’ was making its way through Mexico with the intent of illegally crossing the southern border of the United States. The President was clear that this caravan needed to be stopped before it arrived at our southern border, and his efforts now appear to be successful. But let me be clear as well: we will not accept the lawlessness of these types of efforts and those who choose to violate our laws, and those who conspire to assist others to violate our laws, will face criminal prosecution.

“When I visited Nogales, Arizona, in April 2017, I announced my direction to federal prosecutors to prioritize the prosecution of all illegal entry, illegal reentry, and alien smuggling offenses. We have surged hundreds of immigration judges to our border over the last year. We hired new judges at the fastest pace ever. We added performance metrics to ensure that these cases aren’t languishing in the courts while illegal aliens spend years living in our country without consequences.

We will have a more efficient and effective immigration court system that supplies due process. As such, aliens who enter our country illegally should be aware that the government will use any and all lawful tools, including expedited removal and prompt immigration proceedings, to ensure that our immigration courts will not be burdened with cases that lack merit under the law.

“But this will not be enough if Congress does not act to pass clear, fair, and effective legislation that ends the illegality and creates a system that serves the national interest is crucial at this time. It is essential for Congress to act.

“The Department of Justice fully supports the efforts of the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security announced today to secure our border. I will soon be announcing additional Department of Justice initiatives to restore legality to the southern border.”

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  1. play4keeps says:

    You’re insane. If you like ashcroft I guess you like sessions. He comes from one of the most regressive states in the US and his judicial beliefs follow accordingly.Go smoke another. Obie, Karl and be thankful the agreement isn’t watching Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone. From: karlspainSent: Wednesday, April 4, 2018 17:32To: noznesky@gmail.comReply To: karlspainSubject: [New post] Jeff Sessions is an American Hero

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    karlspain posted: “The left HATES Jeff Sessions, they think he’s a racist, a charge they have zero evidence for, like so much of their platform.

    The right HATES the AG, because they think he is dragging his feet and failing to prosecute the obviously criminal Hillary Clint”

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