Why China plans to invade Taiwan

Why China plans to invade Taiwan.

Trump supports Taiwan because he knows something most people in the world don’t, that China is a real threat to the United States and that the only effective check on communist China, short of an eventual war, is Taiwan.

Why is that, you might ask?

When I try to explain what a threat tiny little Taiwan is to the huge puffed-up Communist Chinese mainland, with it’s 88 million strong communist party (the CCP membership is roughly 4x the population of Taiwan),and its 2.5 million man Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) – people just don’t understand.

In China, the CCP is all-powerful; what they say goes, and what they say — a lot of mainland Chinese people believe. But not all of them, some of them have access to CREDIBLE outside information. And what is the source of that credible news and information from beyond the Great Fire Wall? Taiwan.

In other words, Chinese families that still communicate with other Chinese family members, extended or not, in Taiwan. This is a like a giant fountain of information about the world, that the Chinese people get to hear about and see, unfiltered by the CCP, through the eyes of fellow family member Chinese — and that may or may not contradict the CCP narrative, it’s propaganda and does of course, contradict their outright lies.

For example: Xi is a dictator.

Xi must see that if Taiwan survives and continues talking credibly to the rest of China, then his first move, will by necessity — be against Taiwan, not for the money, the prestige, the land, to heal the country,; no, none of that jazz — he’s going to invade them to shut them up.

And if you have followed his moves recently such as preparing the military for war, declaring himself dictator for life (unlimited terms as president) and bad mouthing Taiwan every other day, his next move becomes obvious.

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