The FBI is in Crisis…

The FBI is in Crisis…

The FBI now admits, they had been given the name and location of a young man threatening to do a school shooting, TWICE, specifically the exact same Nickolas Cruz, who carried out the shooting this week in Florida — and they did nothing.

Two times, from separate sources they were warned and they did NOTHING. The last warning was as late as January 5th of this year. Sessions has called for a review, but that won’t be enough.

The FBI will accomplish one of two things if they continue their unlawful behavior of meddling in politics while foregoing real law enforcement.

a.) Either the FBI will be radically made over in a wave of reform,

b.) Or they will succeed — and Americans will eventually vote to relinquish their 2nd amendment rights.

Allowing these mass killings, which there is now substantial evidence the FBI has been doing (or are so incompetent as to be unnecessary), must serve some purpose — and the only purpose I can fathom — is that the FBI brass wants stricter gun control in the US, and this is really the only way they know of — to get it.

Mueller, the second most incompetent FBI head in recent decades, (Comey gets the Gold here) announced this week he had indictments for 13 Russian election influencing bad actors, or Internet trolls depending upon your point of view. This indictment list and particulars is an embarrassment to the United States.

I’m sure they are reading this in Beijing and wondering, why China isn’t the dominant nation in the world?

Rod Rosenstein delivered the good news in all this, which was for Trump, putting out a statement for the record; “That no Americans were involved” or even knew of such an electioneering scheme and/or ads, and furthermore Rosenstein stated, the efforts were so small time and contradictory, as to have “No effect on the election.”

So, Mueller and the FBI cleared Trump, but embarrassed the country by then charging these two bit Russian actors with election interference by claiming a Russian attempt at meddling by funding (wait for it) a bunch of Anti-Trump (Yes!) rallies, and Anti-Trump ads (along with some supporting ones) as well as a bunch of positive Bernie ads. I think they are positive, these ads are so strange, and it’s hard to say whether they were supporting Bernie or mocking him. These Internet ads were accompanied by pro Hillary ads, pro Hillary rally funding and Pro Democratic Party themed issue type ads. They even paid a man to stand by the highway with a birthday sign. Another one of these ads was a color by number of a body builder type image of Bernie – for children!

This nonsense is not just in the indictment; its all there is in the indictment. No wonder Mueller couldn’t catch the anthrax guy and pointed the finger at the wrong man in that case, whom the government then had to reimburse — this Mueller guy is an idiot, a stone cold idiot.

Although in principle I think it’s good to keep the Russians out of our elections, this was not a strong or even coordinated effort to do anything that would have influenced anybody. Mueller also makes no connection whatsoever to Putin or Moscow.

If we had a real press corp in this country, questions about all these problems would be circulating in the stories, instead of the lies the press is still peddling. I’ve concluded the major newspapers Steele and others have admitted briefing — cannot come clean on these stories; the FBI agents being arrested/demoted/questioned were their sources. The DNC member’s lawyering up right now — were their sources. The DOJ and State Department administrators and appointees who participated in this near coup against the US government were their sources. These press people were shown these documents — and were convinced they were true. Some of them were paid by these people to write stories.

The NYT and the Washington Post haven’t been writing stories like they knew the Steele dossier was true because they are wicked and hate Trump (although both of those are also true) but because they were shown evidence, their sources said this checked out – and would eventually come out – and Trump would be finished.

They wrote all these lies, because in the echo chamber they live in, the idea that somebody could falsely manipulate this many people in positions of law enforcement and authority is essentially unthinkable.

But it happened.

I was furious with the WaPo and the NYT as a former journalist – as I read their coverage everyday this past year, coverage I knew was false and therefore assumed they knew was false.

But all that changed for me when I read the Strzok Page text messages. It became clear to me, that the WaPo and the NYT had sources at the every top of the FBI counter espionage division and were ACCURATELY quoting them.

If I had a source, at the top of the FBI’s counter espionage division, and they were this friendly with me and gave me this kind of access, data, and feedback, you can bet I would print it, I would rely upon it and I would be silly not to. When the FBI lies to a newspaper, you have to expect the newspaper to believe the lie, that’s how they work, they get data from people in high positions and leak it, and 99% of the time, that data is accurate – BECAUSE of it’s source.

Which is why the FBI is in Crisis – because if the truth is fully told, it was the FBI itself, that was the biggest outside influence and/or effect on last year’s election, not the Russians. And the FBI had this influence illegally – by botching the Hillary email investigation, by falsely obtaining wiretaps of Trumps team through the FISA court — and by injecting the FBI itself (Comey’s election eve antics) into an American election.

I wonder if Mueller will ever get to that part of this narrative?

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